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means to bring His Peace to all mankind.
26-Nov-03. -
This type of new Adam - of Jesus - is the new man of The Spirit's Era
'Little child. Peace is the key-word today.
Yes - again.
We must strive for Peace. Have Peace in your soul, my son ...
... have Peace in your very person
... have Peace in your body.
Be conscious that you strive for Peace ...
... for Peace unifies your body, soul and person
... bringing you inner unity.
This inner unity gives you tremendous capacity and prepares you for the full entry into The Era of The Spirit.
This unity, this alignment of your whole being, is the means I bring you, to make you totally prepared to receive the Fullness of The Holy Spirit ...
... which in turn will rid you of the camel
... and of his influence.
Once you are rid of his influence totally, then you will become the new man of The Spirit's Era ...
... renewed in the perfect capacity
... as was Adam before his fall from grace.
This is the path upon which I lead you ...
... to become a new Adam
... in imitation of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
This type of new Adam - of Jesus - is the new man of The Spirit's Era ...
... where the fullness of man is regained
... physically and spiritually
... so that the body, soul and person become one in Love and Harmony
... and reach a new perfection.
This perfection will be greater then that of Adam and Eve, for this perfection comes out of the eras of evil and the experience thus gained will ensure a greater determination to retain this perfection.
As well, new Gifts will be available to the new Adam of The Spirit's Era ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
This and other Gifts of God to the new Adam comes about through the greatest Gift ...
... Jesus' Infinite Merits.'
5-Dec-03 -
The Era of The Spirit has already begun
'Son. Beloved of Heaven.
The Love of Heaven descends upon you ...
... The Love Who is God
... The Spirit of Love.
Yes, He has descended in the past and He still descends, but His current descent is a full one, from which no one will escape ...
... all will perceive The Spirit
... even if some do not appreciate Him.
This descent of The Spirit begins His Era ...
... for He follows The Era of The Son
... and of The Father
... each Era fulfilling the previous.
Thus The Era of The Spirit will perfect creation as God designed, regaining its lost perfection ...
... and raising this perfection to a high plain.
The Era of The Spirit has already begun ...
... and spreads like sunlight upon the world
... changing all upon whom It shines
... first of all my especial children of the Holy Rosary.
Yes it is true that my children will enter into The Era of Love before all others and will lead humanity back to God.
Yes, thus will they be light for the world.
These children of mine are real children of The Universal Church of John Paul and it is through them that The Church will be the light for the world.
The Church has always been the light for the world but soon this light will be recognised and acknowledged by all and appreciated by most.
This light will come upon earth in its fullness through the light of my Immaculate Conception ...
... which reflects The Eternal-father
... and which was brought forth for the delight
... of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... and, at His command, for all of God's children
... His bothers and sisters everywhere.
Do not fear announcing what I 'say' in this communication for it is certain truth.'
10-Dec-03 -
What great Friends they are.
'Son ... so alone.
So alone, it would seem. Yet of course, you have the legions of Angels, Saints and Holy Souls as your Friends.
What Friends!
What great Friends they are.
Even though your senses are virtually numb to their presence, to their assistance, to the miracles they obtain for you, to the protection they give you, still, in the depths of your heart, you know that you have Friends that are incomparable ...
... that are perfect friends.
I have 'stated' to you before that it is quite impossible for you to repay the debts you owe to these Friends, particularly your Guardian Angel and Assunta and those especially close to you - those God has given you as your special patrons.
They are constant in their goodwill towards you.
They are ambitious for you, before God.
They join their prayers to yours for your prayers originated from themselves.
They work for God with me, in my Immaculate Conception, so that your prayers may be answered.
Your prayers will be answered ...
... for they desire The Will of God
... the delight for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son

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