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... the coming of The Era of The Spirit.
You may think your ambitions for God are lofty ones and this is so. Yet your Friends have yet greater hopes for they observe God and His creation and His Plan for man - for the sons of man - and realise the possibilities that are available to man.
The Infinite Merits of Jesus are available to the sons of man and The Spirit is coming upon the world which He will transform.
Do not then, little son, be fearful of having great and wonderful ambitions for The Universal Church ...
... for the new Era of Love
... for the great Pope, John Paul
... for yourself and for
... all of my precious children, everywhere.'
17-Dec-03 From these truths the mercy of God was opened like a floodgate upon the world
'Son. Beloved of the Saints.
Beloved of the Angels.
Beloved of the Holy Souls.
You are surprised?
God showers His Love upon you. Will not then, His followers do the same?
Of course.
However, I am saying that the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls have a special love for you - a special regard for you ...
... just as I have.
If you write what I 'say' to you, then is not this a proof of this love we have for you?
You would prefer not to consider this?
I have made it clear to you that humility is a virtue that shines in those who have the truth in them.
In recognising Truth my children recognise in themselves that they are my children; that they are loved by me and by all Heaven.
In recognising this they do not lose their humility but rather, they increase it ...
... for they observe the great mercy of God
... Who, in spite of the sinfulness of my children
... lavish upon them great and wonderful things.
God does this through The Infinite Merits of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
God does this through my Immaculate Conception which gave impulse to The Holy Spirit to bring forth in my womb - the womb of a virgin - The Messiah.
From these truths the mercy of God was opened like a floodgate upon the world ...
... especially upon my children
... and my children are of every race and nation and religion.
But upon my favoured children of The Rosary, they who draw all of my other children to me, I have a most special regard and love.
In my Immaculate Heart they reside in triumph and have the most intimate access to The Sacred Heart of The Son of God ...
... The Son of Man
... The Son of Mary.'
24-Dec-03. so that the life-blood of His Infinite Merits may circulate to all parts of The Body.
'Son. Tiny one of God.
My own little warrior.
Be always, at ease with me for I love you dearly ...
... for I desire wonderful things for you
... for I would have your every wish come true.
I am able to 'say' this for your earnestly desire The Will of The Eternal-father ...
... and your prayers and desires reflect this.
Be not concerned at any thing at all; just remain in the light of my Immaculate Conception ...
... and I will show you the depths of The Heart of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
I am the Heart of His Mystical Body ...
... and my children join me there
... so that the life-blood of His Infinite Merits may circulate to all parts of The Body.
Keep in mind my request for peace within you - body, soul, person.
Do not relent in your pursuit of Peace.
Peace must come to my children - The Heart of The Body - and be pumped to every member.
This already occurs ...
... even in yourself
... in spite of the seemingly lack of Peace in your soul.
Yes, you do forget that Peace resides in you and you are easily distracted.
Nevertheless, turn back instantly to Peace ...
... embrace It.
Soon you will succeed totally and then we may proceed quickly along the path we tread, you and I.
This path leads to the fullness of The Era of Love ...
... The Spirit of God
... The Spirit of Harmony
... The Soul of The Church
... The Soul of my Children!
'Little son.
So sweet.
So sweet? Yes, do you not ask me to perceive your 'sweetness' in your prayer to me?
I do.
Continue to reach out for perfect Peace ...
... of person, of soul, of body.
This is coming to you. It has come to you ...
... and will reach perfection.
Grasp Peace - grasp my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, for Whom all creation was brought forth.
His Era of Wisdom is about to be fulfilled ...
... with The Eternal-father's declaration
... of my Triumph for Him
... in The Era of Love and Harmony.
His Era of Wisdom will be fulfilled in an Era of The Eucharist which is the same Era of The Spirit.
The Spirit of The Father and The Son ...

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