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... is perfecting The Era of Them Both
... in His Own Era.
Thus does The Trinity work ...
... The Father brings forth perfect existence
... The Son provides design and purpose
... The Spirit gives energy and balance.
The Holy Trinity works in this way using time and space and energy, to bring creation to the greatest perfection ...
... which will be found in His Children
... my Children.
Such is the incomprehensible Wisdom of God ...
... The Will of God
... The Action of God.
Reach out for Peace my sweet son, for this is the Gift of God, at this time ...
... The Gift that will be the catalyst
... for The Father's Proclamation.
Look to The Father from The Heart of The Son, with The Love of The Spirit ...
... bathed in my own motherly perfections
... and those of The Saints and Angels and Holy Souls.
23-Jan-04. If a good can be done God, by His very Nature, will do it.
'Little son of The Immaculate Conception.
Tiny warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
Beloved of The Immaculate Conception.
I would 'say' more of you little son. Be not fearful that I am pleased to bring my love for you to the fore.
I desire to express myself to you. Is our relationship to be one-sided as you express your great devotion to me ...
... and I, not to you?
Be at ease in this situation. I will be sure that your humility remains intact.
Yes indeed.
Humility and obedience are wondrous virtues of the creature - of yourself and myself ...
... of all of my children.
Jesus, Who is God, gave us such great example of humility and obedience, becoming The Suffering Servant of the creatures He, Himself, brought forth!
Humility as I have already made clear, it not a virtue by which a creature grovels before The Creator. Humility is a mere recognition of The Truth of things ...
... there is a Creator, The Holy Trinity, Who is The Source and The Giver
... and there are His creatures who are receivers of all they are and have.
This is not a belittlement either, for the Gift of existence is so very wonderful and if this existence is carefully matured by God's Commandments and through discipline in His Universal Church, then this Gift becomes a miracle of miracles ...
... where the creature shares The very Being of his Creator! This phenomenal miracle can never be fully comprehended by any creature, even in Heaven.
Nevertheless, it is The Will of God, for He fulfils everything that can be fulfilled in Goodness.
If a good can be done God, by His very Nature, will do it.
Therefore, in bringing forth creatures with freewill and great capacity, He does not limit Himself, but brings this creature to the impossible - one might think - heights of actually sharing The Goodness, Truth and Love of The Creator.
To do anything less, would be even more impossible for The One, Supreme, Almighty, Creator.
I thank you and all of my children for the prayers and hymns devoted to my Queenship
'Son. Little child of The Eternal-father.
Little issue of God The Father.
Yes, you received your existence from Him, for God is the Giver and you and I are receivers ...
... and all of my children.
We receive every thing good from God but, because we received these wonderful gifts that does not take away from their beauty and permanence.
Indeed, because given by God, these exquisite gifts are permanent, for He does not give and then take away.
No, He gives.
Anything we lose that He gave to us was lost because we refused it.
Therefore all the gifts of our existence are immortal. This is a proof of the resurrection for our bodies have also been given us and they shall be restored, accordingly ...
... for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, has merited this for us.
We must therefore value our existence as most marvellous, as gifts from God.
Our existence is yet even more, for He requires that I and all of my children, should be part of The Divinity of The Son; His Mystical Body ...
... and so partakers in The Holy Trinity.
How great is God Who rests not until His children have reached the eternal-height He has destined for them.
Already, He has raised The Woman of Scripture to the stupendous heights of Heaven in her Immaculate Conception and her Motherhood of The Son.
This is my Queenship for The Mother of God is His Queen and Queen of all.
I thank you and all of my children for the prayers and hymns devoted to my Queenship ...
... and my appreciation reflects the very appreciation of God
... for His appreciation for His children, especially His Mother
... existed always.'
All that God does is done by the Works of The Three divine Persons
'Son, so tiny, so dear, so sweet.
Be, at ease - in Peace.
The Love of God descends upon you - upon the world. Thus, the Era of Love has begun: The Era of Peace - yet Peace seems so far off.
This Peace that is the pinnacle of The Era of Truth - The Son's Era - comes about with this Era of Love.
Thus The Spirit completes The Work of The Son, just as The Son completes The Work of Tha Father.
You see, The Holy Trinity works always, as One, while Each One works. All that God does is done by the Works of The Three divine Persons ...
... each Work is unique to Each.
Therefore, the creation experiences Salvation by the Works of The Holy Trinity. Because God has brought forth material, space and time, He works accordingly.
This is why Salvation is brought forth over three eras of The Divinity - three Works of The Trinity.

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