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While The Era of The Spirit completes the Work of The Son, The Son's Work is that upon which The Spirit works ...
... just as The Son's Work relies upon the Work of His Eternal-father.
God however, requires the co-operation - that is to say, the work - of His children in creation to bring Salvation to its perfect fulfilment.
I as The Woman of Scripture, in my Immaculate Conception, worked with The Son in His Cross of Salvation ...
... my Son, Jesus The Christ.
As The Immaculate Conception I invite all of God's children to join in this work with and for God.
It is our work as co-operators to The Holy Trinity that allows human perfection to be achieved ...
... by participation in The God-head.
So - The Father worked - The Son worked - The Spirit worked ...
... and we, you and I and all of my children, worked.'
This is a foretaste of Heaven when you and I, and all of my children, become One in Jesus
'Little son and beloved.
Many endearing terms I use to express my attitude towards you and the closeness and communication we share.
This is a foretaste of Heaven when you and I, and all of my children, become One in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
There is no closeness, no unity in creation that can be compared to those in Heaven, in The Mystical Body.
The unity within marriage, in friendship, even in The Church on earth, do not portray the unity of God's Children in The Godhead.
All together, these indicate that unity.
So, the companionship between you and I, in which I call you son, friend, warrior, beloved, etc., are true and accurate and the sum of these endearments indicate the companionship between us in Heaven.
Be prepared to hope for your own happiness and glory in Heaven. Do not turn away from this hope because you rate the Will of God as supreme and of greater nobility. No, continue to have the noble aspiration of first and foremost, seeking God's Will ...
... but recall that His Will for you
... is eternal delight and glory with Him.
Allow your hope then, to develop, so that you may surpass in faith, hope and charity.
Yes, you seek recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of God and all that issues from God, just as I have recommended to you, but remember the simple basics of religion too ...
... faith, hope and charity.
Yes, you look to The Goodness, The Truth and The Love of God, just as I recommend to you, yet the simple virtues of religion remain essential and allow you to expand your spiritual personality ...
... to complete the fullness of
... your inner person
... your sweet soul
... your body.'
And the era of my adored Son was the Era of Truth.
'Son. Tiny warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
You do well to recognise my Immaculate Conception, in line with Church teaching ...
... in line with Truth.
It is, as Jesus explains - the Truth will set you free.
He did not say that Love or Goodness will set you free - no, it was Truth.
And the era of my adored Son was the Era of Truth.
For 2,000 years The Church proclaimed Truth to the world but, as you see, the world still gropes around in the dark ...
... claiming to want truth
... but chasing after novel deceptions.
The influence of the serpent, the red dragon yet hampers the minds and souls of man.
The good news is that the Era of Love has emerged out of the Era of Truth
... and the catalyst of this emergence
... is the removal of the red dragon.
This will enable everyone to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate the Truth that The Church teaches ...
... and everyone will perceive the Era of Goodness, the Era of Truth
... and now, the Era of Love.
Then The Church will become, in her fullness, the light for the world.
This will not be deniable.
My children in The Church, the children of the Rosary, will be perceived by everyone as purveyors of Truth ...
... lighting up the world.
With the new vision given to man, he will recognise, acknowledge and appreciate ...
... a new heaven and a new earth.
The new Garden of Eden will be available to all who choose it ...
... for the choice must still be made
The freewill of man is sacred and untouchable and will always remain his possession completely.'
The Father's gift to His little handmaid is of sensational importance to the world
'Little one. Tiny warrior of The Queen ...
... of The Woman
... of her Immaculate Conception.
It is true that The Father's gift to His little handmaid is of sensational importance to the world and to its redemption, for this gift to creation - my Immaculate Conception - is the perfect reflection of The Father ...
... and so, I became The Mother.
This Immaculate Conception given to me for Jesus' sake, was given by Jesus, on the Cross, to all creation.
Because I was the bearer of this gift to Jesus and to all creation, I represent all creation ...
... for which reason it was my decision
... my co-operation
... that was required
... to be the catalyst for The Spirit to over-shadow me
... and bring forth The Son of God.
This gift that I bore as part of my being also reflected the original perfection of Adam and Eve so that I might say 'yes' to God's Will ...
... where they said 'no'.
In my 'yes' was the co-operation with the 'yes' of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ ...
... which began my work
... as co-redemptrix.
You can glimpse then, the importance to creation of this gift that I bore, that I am ...

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