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... and you can perceive that the gift
... continues in importance.
The gift of my Immaculate Conception is not a thing of past ages but an ongoing work of God in creation.
Indeed, because the gift is now in Heaven as Queen ...
... the Work of The Father
... becomes more profitable to all creatures.
The gift of The Universal Church to creation is, too, of sensational importance, She being the perfect reflection of The Son in creation. She issues from God as The Work of The Son.
This is why my Immaculate Conception and The Universal Church combine in bringing forth The new Era of Love and Harmony.'
15-Mar-04. the Light that is The Catholic Church of John Paul II.
'Little one; beloved son of Heaven, all Heaven ...
... beloved son of Purgatory and Limbo.
Did you not see yourself as a son of the souls in Purgatory and Limbo? You who have freed so many? You to whom so many look for support? Especially those in the deepest agonies or who have no-one to pray  for them?
Of course, you are.
How wonderful to save just one soul from Purgatory or Limbo?
Do not relent in your pursuit of souls for Heaven.
Do not lose hope that your Friends have forgotten you.
No, Have faith in God's Will ...
... and persevere as you are
... in your situation.
Yes, you are where I want you, doing what I want! My son, you can not conquer the world even for Jesus' sake! No, The Father will accomplish this ...
... using His Universal Church created through and by and for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... and my Immaculate Conception, also created for Him.
You are a key to The Father's accomplishment, working with your Mother and Queen ...
... yet it is God Who realises His Plan of Redemption.
We are His little servants.
Nevertheless, my son, we are most important keys that The Father uses, by The Love of His Spirit ...
... Whom He sends upon creation
... in a fullness the world has not seen.
This is our current task - to co-operate with The Holy Trinity to bring ...
... The new Era of The Spirit
... to its fullness.
This fullness will astound you and all the earth.
Your astonishment and your delight will be total. Therefore, be patient with me, with our God ...
... Who is so patient with you
... with all peoples
... especially my children of The Rosary on earth.
It is His patience, in mercy, that gives the world more and more time to turn to Him ...
... to perceive in ever greater fullness
... my Immaculate Conception and
... the Light that is The Catholic Church of John Paul II.'
24-Mar-04. ...individual beacons around the world
'Little son of man. Yes, son of man I say, because you are yet a human being and subject to all sorts of temptations such as impatience.
Be patient, little son - be, in Peace.
Remember, seek out the Peace of The Lord, Jesus Himself, my adored Son.
Seek everywhere, Peace.
In your heart, look for Peace.
In your very person, seek Peace.
Before The Holy Sacrament, seek Peace.
This impatience of yours will soon be gone. This waiting, this period of darkness ..
... will soon be over.
And the Era of Light will be seen by all.
Prepare for this Era of Light, The Spirit's Era, for in those days - when the Light will shine across the planet - your heart will be an open book.
For when man is given once more, the fullness of his being, body, soul and person, each will perceive the other as he is, as if he could read minds.
If you can glimpse what another thinks by his stance, his words, his looks even now, then, you will have far greater insight to everything another person possesses.
If you feel that your soul holds things you would prefer another not to perceive, then you must prepare your soul, accordingly.
When this Light shines forth at its brightest, my children, the children of The Immaculate Conception, will be individual beacons around the world.
They will draw to themselves all my other children who seek, even though they know it not, their Mother and the Mother's love.
Prepare for this work of ours.
Open your person to Peace - to Jesus The Christ - to The Lamb of God - so that He will be reflected in you and make you a mirror reflecting The Spirit's Love.
For she is the brightness of eternal Light, the unspotted mirror of God's Majesty and the image of His Goodness.
These words apply to The Son of God but also to His Mother. They are also to apply to The Universal Church and to Her real offspring ...
... the offspring of The Eternal-father!
5-Apr-04. Littleness is an invitation to God to lay Gifts upon the bearer of this littleness.
'Son, so little, so tiny.
Be comfortable in your littleness for God works with littleness ...
... for He does not work where pride is dominant
... where the freewill is opposed to His Works.
God will not force the freewill of man, this being the very essence of man and the making of him ...
... the making of his soul
... the making of his person.

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