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This making of man - this freewill to choose The Goodness, Truth and Love of God - is what provides the capacity for man to share in The Divinity.
So, God does not over-ride the decisions of man.
Embrace your littleness then, and be grateful that humility is laid upon your life and your works.
Littleness is an invitation to God to lay Gifts upon the bearer of this littleness ...
... Gifts that adorn the soul
... perfections that raise the person.
God then, gives the Gift of my Immaculate Conception, sharing with you His Own Mother and her state of being ...
... just as He shares Himself
... and His State of Being
... with all of my children.
Proceed forward in this littleness my son, just as Jesus Himself - my adored Son ...
... lived the life of the lowly
... of the humble.
Proceed forth in your maturing recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of Jesus - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity - in The Sacrament of Love.
Be content and patient.
I love you, son of mine.'

21-Apr-04. I bless you with the very intimacy of my Immaculate Conception.
'Son, so alone - so busy - running here and there ...
Be at ease. Be, in Peace.
Take a deep breath and be calm.
Be, in Peace.
Peace is a Gift from God - Peace is Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
Peace comes upon the world ...
... yet so slowly.
Peace must first come into the hearts of my children of The Rosary. If there is difficulty in Peace coming to them, how much more so, to a world still struggling under a dark cloud?
It is most important - and so I repeat it many times - open your heart to Peace.
Let the Tranquillity of God pervade your very person and so flow throughout your soul and body.
Yes, and pray for Peace for all of my children around the world.
Son, so precious to me, I bless you with the very intimacy of my Immaculate Conception ...
... in The Name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit.
Peace comes with my blessing and the strength to radiate this Peace everywhere.
My son, feel my love for you and ...
... be, in Peace.
27-Apr-04. The Eternal-father is fashioning The Triumph of His Queen
'Son. Little one of God.
I am always beside you - near you - with you.
You know that you walk through life, hand in hand with me, your Mother, The Immaculate Conception.
You know that you walk through life with your Friends accompanying you. You walk in their company, all of them, with your Princess of Heaven, Assunta, closest to you - your Guardian Angel, and all of those special Patrons from Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo who are closely attached to you by the very Will of The Heavenly-father.
Should you not then, walk through life with confidence and truth and faith?
Should you not then, be happy and joyful at each second of your life?
Yes indeed, you should.
But God Himself walks beside you.
Jesus, Who died for you, is always aware of each step you take in The Will of His Father.
The Eternal-father is pleased to look upon you in your littleness and in your efforts towards His Will; and The Spirit of Love Who comes upon the world and upon all creation, looks to His tiny champion of the new Era of Love.
All this is too much for you who struggle from one moment to the next in life, seeing his years speed bye and his ambitions for his Mother in Heaven seem to fall by the way-side.
Be content, son.
Your eyes are upon the world and you only dimly 'see' the direction that God sets for His creation.
I confirm to you again:- The Eternal-father is fashioning The Triumph of His Queen.
He has all things under control and His Spirit of Love and Harmony really has come and His Era really is upon you.
Be sure of this and walk through life accordingly.
If God is satisfied with your position and what you do, should you not also, be happy.
I bring you joy and delight, little son, and it is a pleasant thing that I am able to say:-
you bring joy and delight to me.
Be, in Peace.'
18-May-04 Beneath The Cross we view the past and the present for The Cross is the pinnacle-point of time and space
'Little son, beside me at The Cross on Calvary, before my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation ...
... which is given to Him by The Eternal-father
... by The Spirit of Love.
My adored Son accepts all creation also by the power of The Spirit of Love ...
... and gave His Body and Soul for it
... and therefore for all of my children.
Beneath The Cross we view the past and the present for The Cross is the pinnacle-point of time and space ...
... of all time and all space.
At that point in time and creation, momentous events eventuated that affect all creation, past and future.
That point in time and space was reserved for Him on The Cross. It was not just a time and space for the worlds situation in the history of creation ...
... but for all creation.
That point in time and space has limitless meaning for all creation - all creatures - for us, The Children of God, One in
Jesus, The Christ.
The meaning for creation not only refers to the world of the spirit but also to that of the physical nature.
That meaning coincides with my Triumph for Jesus in the present era. It coincides by The Divine-will, of course, but is the effect of The Cross 2,000 years ago.
The effect of The Cross then, has been moving the spiritual and the physical spheres of all creation ever since, but now the effect is to be made known to all ...
... not just The Universal Church
... in Her Saints.

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