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The effect of Christ's Cross now brings about The Era of The Holy Spirit and this spiritual occurrence parallels the gigantic change in the physical universe ...
... a new heaven and a new earth.
However, The Eternal-father moves all things towards this giving-of-creation to His Eternal-son and His Work, that can be observed in creation, ...
... is The Immaculate Conception
... given to Jesus, my adored Son
... and given Him through the avenue of my own being.'
2-Jun-04. Do not be afraid then, of what He would ask you to do.
'Son. My child.
Have you been remiss?
All of my children after all, have been remiss at one time or another and you are no exception.
But if Jesus, my adored Son, speaks to you as I do, how can you think you are remiss?
Yes, Jesus came to save the lost and He may even go to some endeavour to communicate with sinners. To these He encourages repentance and return to Truth.
What did my Son say to you?
Yes, He encouraged you in what you are doing and even to thank you!
Yes, you have been remiss in times past but today and yesterday, Jesus looks with favour upon you.
You pray that you might delight Him. My little son, this has been accomplished.
Be in Peace about this. Do not shy away from what Jesus would offer you for He would delight my little son. This Jesus does for all of my children - delights them.
For this reason does He command me, His Mother and Queen, His Immaculate Conception, to visit all of my children in one way or another.
This command is a delight to me for Jesus' commands are always delightful - delicious; they are food for soul and body and life for the person.
Do not be afraid then, of what He would ask you to do for I have raised you as a special son of mine for the tasks we must do, together ...
... in Jesus
... for Jesus
... by Jesus' Strength.
Peace is our goal. Peace for my children, lights of the world.
Peace for the world ...
... through the coming o The Spirit of Love
... Who will confirm The Truth of Christ
... The Truth of His Church
... and The Goodness of The Eternal-father.
That wondrous Gift to me and to all creation, for Jesus - my Immaculate Conception - is the avenue of The Spirit's triumph ...
... and so, it is also my triumph
... and the triumph of my children
... of my tiny son.'
4-Jun-04. The One Who laid down His Life for His friends
Yes, I am here for you ...
... for all of my children.
I am a Friend to you; one who will never fail you; one who will always have 'time' for you; one who desires the best, the most, for you.
I am a Friend to you for I am Mother ...
... I am Woman
` ... I am Co-redemptrix
... to you.
As a Queen., I am your Friend and my queenship extends over all Heaven and all creation.
Everyone on earth must have priorities that always reduces his capacity for true friendship and these priorities are approved by God, for he must place family first.
He must place His devotions first.
Be at Peace with this. You too, are so situated.
Recall then, that you have a special Friend ...
... in The Immaculate Conception.
You have such perfect Friends in the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls - especially those selected patrons of yours ...
... those God Himself give to you
... and you to them.
Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, Saviour of all creation, is the One Who laid down His Life for His friends ...
... which includes you.
And He is God.
God The Father; The Son; The Spirit - The Three Persons of The Godhead.
Yes, when Jesus was crucified they crucified The Holy Trinity for all of His experiences were absolutely shared by The Father and The Spirit.
The Life of Jesus is The Life of The Trinity through the Person of The Son ...
... for Jesus and His Father are One
... for Jesus and His Spirit are One.
The Father sends Jesus and The Spirit brings Jesus, and we who accept Him become One in Him ...
... in The Trinity.
So that, when you pray at The Cross on Calvary you pray before The Lamb of God and yet within His Sacred Heart and your very person faces The Eternal-father by The Love of The Spirit.'
11-Jun-04. Certainly, it is obvious to the men of evil who diligently, hastily but efficiently prepare for The Era of Love
'Son. Tiny one. Little warrior.
So small a warrior of mine - this you are.
You may note that it is true that 'evil' will not be defeated by the powerful and the rich, but by the tiny ones of the earth. This is not only the facts but common sense perceives this truth where power and wealth corrupt and so become an agent of 'evil'.
But the poor and the tiny are not corrupted and look to our Father in Heaven for their power and wealth ...
... for they have no where else to look.
The poor and the tiny are my children.

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