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I know that there are wealthy and powerful men who remain poor and tiny in the spirit ...
... but how rare are they!
This what you must now become - poor and tiny - wealthy and powerful.
Therefore you must cement your sonship with me and I my Motherhood of you.
It is my Immaculate Conception that binds you and I as One in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
The Source of our Oneness is The Eternal-father Whose Eternal-goodness I reflect.
The divine Energy that cements our relationship is The Spirit Himself ...
... as He, even now, renews the earth
... renews the heavens.
This renewal is becoming obvious to all peoples, even to the men of science and to the atheists.
Certainly, it is obvious to the men of evil who diligently, hastily but efficiently prepare for The Era of Love. They prepare only for survival and to maintain a thread of evil in God's creation.
They are urgent in their preparation and so should my children also be urgent in their personal preparations and in their communal preparations.
They must prepare themselves to be lights of Truth that will attract my other children so that all of my sons and daughters will enter The Era of Love ...
... through the Door of Truth.
Prepare yourself, little son of The Truth.
The Universal Church has been prepared to be The Light for the world. She has been purified in Her suffering and in Her virtual death and now ...
... Her resurrection is at hand.'
19-Jun-04 Then ignorance will be no excuse for defiance of God's Commandments
'Son. Little son of mine.
I am The Mother - you are the son.
This is our relationship which however, extends beyond that intimacy.
We are friends - we are beloved, one of the other.
We are Queen and warrior.
We are One in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
The symbol of my love for you is my sharing between us, of my Immaculate Conception ...
... a Gift given me by The Eternal-father
... which perfectly reflects - in creation - His Eternal-goodness.
Your symbol of your love for me is your consecration to my Immaculate Conception ...
... and in this, your consecration to The Sacred Heart of The Son of God; The Son of Man.
Today I confirm to you the permanency of our promise of oneness, one to the other, for your future works with me for our Lord and Saviour, need this confirmation.
Be conscious then, that your Mother is always at your side, ready to attend upon you in your works for her.
Much is yet to be done, even though The Triumph is already mine. We are yet to bring to fullness this Triumph across the world ...
... so that The Spirit of Love becomes visible to human perceptions
... and everyone without exception will observe The Truth of Catholicism
... The Light for world.
Then ignorance will be no excuse for defiance of God's Commandments for these will be clearly observed in the heart of each and every man, woman and child.
The wonder and the marvel of this fulfilment of The Spirit's Era will only be exercised and relieved by adoration of The Christ and of The Holy Trinity.
This adoration will be made by the fullest possible recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of God and His Christ.
Be confident then, little son. There is no need for depression.
Optimism and joy and delight are the impulses that may abound in you and your situation ...
... for our work proceeds wonderfully.
Yes, this is indeed so.
23-Jun-04. This is the way of God - to give, to share.
'What have I got for you today, my little son - you ask.
I have the same as yesterday and tomorrow ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
I follow my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, where He gave Himself to my children - I do likewise and give myself to them. This is the way of God - to give, to share.
This is the way of The Church - Mother of my children for She resembles me and I, Her.
From The Universal Church of Peter, The Pope, issues The Eucharist - Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity of Jesus. From me too, does He issue.
The Church then is giver of Gifts - giver of God's Gifts to my children, to the world, to the universe.
How gracious and exquisite and astonishing is The Church of my adored Son!
Truly a Gift beyond compare.
The pillar and ground of The Truth.
The pillar and ground of Goodness ...
... of Love
... representing in fact, God Himself
... The Most Holy Trinity.
The Church has many wounds in Her sons and daughters and seems to stagger before man, but this Passion of The Church and this Death of The Church is a true re-presentation of Calvary, for The Church is ...
... The Mystical Body of Jesus.
The Church is arising from Her tomb ...
... for the third day has come
... and She is destined to be clothed in true glory
... and the new Life of The Spirit.
This is the event the warring world has long desired and from this, comes Peace.

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