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Peace in hearts.
Peace in families.
Peace in nations.
The Peace that is Jesus, The Christ.
This Peace comes to my children first - comes then, to The Universal Church - for The Church, my children, are lights for the world.
Be yourself, little child, a light that people may see and come to me.'
2-Jul-04. Yes, Jesus is Christ for all without exception
'Little son of mine.
You are learning to be, in Peace ...
... Jesus, The Peace.
Pursue this Peace and you will capture It and forever.
It is true that you have left this Peace for many years but I would raise you to the fullest sharing of The Peace; this is Jesus, Himself.
The Sacrament of Love is the Source of this Peace ...
... for you
... and for the world.
The Real Presence which is soon to be observed by all, whether inclined or not, is to be a pinnacle of wonderment throughout the planet ...
... and a pinnacle of fear and anger for those who hate their Creator and their Christ.
Yes, Jesus is Christ for all without exception, even if it is possible that some reject Him.
In rejecting Him, in full awareness, they choose eternal insanity, for rejecting my adored Son is indeed, insanity of the spirit.
This is a work of mine - a work of my children - to make known The Real Presence in The Catholic Eucharist ...
... of The Saviour and King of all creation.
My Immaculate Conception, the triumph of The Father's Work in creation, is for Jesus, my Son and for all peoples everywhere, because I was given from The Cross to them.
This too, can be rejected by men of evil and those are the same who reject Jesus The Christ and The Creator.
Be not concerned for those who reject me. They will be given every opportunity, all opportunities, to repent and to turn to Jesus, Whose arms are outstretched for each.
His personal embrace awaits each one - each lost sheep.
Come, my son, let me embrace you now and let the warmth and delight of my Motherhood and my Womanhood fill your person, your soul, your body.'
11-Jul-04. This gesture of His from The Cross became my gesture too
Little son, child of God.
Be content. Be patient. Be, in Peace.
Enjoy the anonymity and the luxury of a life without incident of a major nature.
You will have enough of the other in due course.
My son, take courage for you have Heaven as you protector - myself and all the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls.
These delight in looking after God's children on earth and you are a favourite tiny warrior of mine.
Continue in your search for a presence at Calvary where The Mother needs every comfort, consolation and strength in her accompanying The Son on His Mission as The Sacrificial Lamb.
Indeed I am His greatest comforter on earth; I, given to Him by The Father of His Kingdom; given to Him as a perfect Gift in my Immaculate Conception and perpetual purity; given Him as His Mother and Co-redeemer.
My strength was impossible to maintain had I not the knowledge of my other sons and daughters of every age, whom I represented ...
... at the Incarnation
... during Jesus' childhood
... during His messianic teaching and leading
... during His Passion
... at His Dearth
... at His Resurrection.
Even as representative of all of God's creatures, I was still, and only, created for The Eternal-son, by The Love of The Spirit.
Even then, in His all-compassing Love for mankind, He shared His Mother with everyone who would call Him Brother and Saviour.
This gesture of His from The Cross became my gesture too, for this suited my role as co-redemptrix ...
... Jesus being Brother to all of God's children
... and I being Mother to them.
This is completely in accord with God's Eternal-will that the freewill given to man be always preserved ...
... and thus, I was asked to become Mother of The Messiah
... and to confirm my Work as Woman of Scripture
... which together, drew me into the Work of Co-redemptrix
... and in this Work - again - I represented God's children.
In this fashion The Holy Trinity worked in creation and took Flesh and Blood, as a creature ...
... whereby He raised the creature to the possibility of Divinity.'
20-Jul-04 This is the Era of The Greatest Blessing on creation
'Very little son of mine.
You must be, in Peace.
Even in anger, you must have Peace in your soul. I mean righteous anger, for it is not possible to have Peace and unholy anger at the one time.
Peace must be the foundation of your being - an unshakeable Peace that is Jesus-in-you.
On this Peace, you and I, in this spiritual partnership of ours, will achieve God's Will ...
... which is so adorable
... and which brings every blessing upon the world

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