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... including the greatest Blessing:- The Spirit, Himself.
This is the Era of The Greatest Blessing on creation as The Spirit renews everything that was wrecked by sin, outside of hell and the unchanging evil.
This unchanging evil is used by God to bring His every blessing and mercy upon each and everyone who suffers under its diabolical action.
Even in the Era of Love, without the devil, this evil will be found but will be perceived by all.
Any who accept this new evil will do so under no deception and with evil intent and full responsibility.
The new Era of Love will allow no deception and will be of the greatest joy to my children ...
... who will perceive that all recognise and acknowledge my Immaculate Conception
... with most showing appreciation
... and for The Universal Church.
Son, open your heart to me, your loving Mother, for I speak plainly to you and I bring you Truth.
I am the Bearer of Truth ...
... for I am the Bearer of The Christ, my adored Son, Who is Truth-personified.
I am ...
... The Bearer of Truth
... just as The Church is the Bearer of Truth
... for The Church is also the Bearer of The Christ.
I do bless you, son and beloved, in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.'
30-Jul-04. Cling to The Truth expounded by Mother Church
'Son. Beloved son of The Eternal-father.
You know it - yes - you do issue directly from Him. You do so though The Son. You do so, by The Spirit.
This is a most marvellous Truth to hold in your heart and it gives you strength and steadfastness and energy.
Cling to this Truth and you will rise to the highest Heaven.
Cling to The Truth expounded by Mother Church for She is the only Treasure-house on earth that holds The Truth as the pillar and foundation of The Truth.
Yes, Truth is had in other Christian bodies and in other religions to some extent - to a varying degree, but you are to cling to The Church of the Pope; The Church of which I am The Mother.
Cling to The Church that brought forth Vatican Council Two ...
... that brought forth John Paul II
... that brought forth Mother Teresa.
The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is the great strength of the world. Without Her the world would cease to exist.
Without Her the world would have perished long ago.
The Church has always been the Light for the world and continues to be the Light for the world.
This Light has not been seen by many or has been seen only dimly but the time is very, very close when this Light will be easily seen by all peoples, everywhere.
The only way for anyone to avoid the Light is to turn away from it, deliberately and so ignore The Truth of The Church and cast aside The Love of The Spirit.
These forfeit the capacity to hold Goodness ...
... and they embrace evil.
But Jesus is indeed coming. This new Era of Love is that which gives final preparation for His Coming.
This era is a second Garden of Eden in which the second temptation upon man is to take place.
The new Eve, the new Adam, will be The Church, the Light and the Strength of the world and She will not succumb to the second temptation.
The Church will not succumb and Jesus, my adored Son, will Himself come and destroy Her enemies.
Like myself in The Immaculate Conception given me by The Father, The Church will maintain the Light of her purity ...
... of Her Truth and Love and Goodness.'
4-Aug-04.  and we do this by being One in Jesus, my adored Son
'Son. Little, little child of Heaven.
I embrace you in my great motherly care for you and yours.
Yes, I embrace all that is yours ...
... your family, your friends
... your property and assets.
All these come from God, do they not?
I embrace all these, for you embrace all these. You love all these (in varying degrees) and so too, do I.
I would have you love what I love and so then I am happy to repay the compliment.
But first of all we, you and I, must share The Love that is God. We must bathe in His Love - be One in His Love ...
... and we do this by being One in Jesus, my adored Son
... Who is Truth.
This is how we share The Divinity that is The Holy Trinity - in Goodness, through Truth, by Love.
And as you perceive, all is fulfilled by sharing. It is God Who shares with us, in the first place.
It is we who share with one another and by our freewill, which is totally our own, share ourselves with God.
God's whole Plan of Salvation - everything - proceeds forth from His divine Will to share Himself.
Being God, all that He does is perfect and absolute and His sharing does not end with giving us the universe, but He gives of Himself to all who accept Him.
He gave me the great Gift of my Immaculate Conception which is in fact, a sharing of The Eternal-father's Goodness. He shares with me, His little handmaid, His Goodness to the greatest possible degree.
From The Cross then, The Christ, my own Son, shared this Immaculate Conception with all of my other children for this Gift to me was made for Jesus, only ...
... for I was to be His Mother
... for I was to be The Woman of Scripture
... His Co-redemptrix.
Acting on behalf of all of my children, I agreed to Gabriel's request and so as this representative, Jesus gave me

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