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to all who followed Him.
I give myself as He gives His Mother - totally.'
11-Aug-04.   Have I not given you my arms to comfort you?
'Son. My own, dear son.
How truly a son you are of mine ...
... a son of The Immaculate Conception.
Have I not suckled you at the breast in my bringing you the Food of Life - The Truth of God, of creation?
Have I not raised you further from babyhood to childhood in showing you the wonders of The Almighty ...
... The Trinity
... The Source
... The Infinite Goodness, Truth and Love?
Have I not even raised you to the point of adulthood in sharing with you my Immaculate Conception as one dear Friend to another and brought you to the depths of Jesus' Sacred Heart?
Have I not rescued you as you step where you should not? Brought you back to The Church of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son?
Have I not given you my arms to comfort you? My hands to hold when you fail to see the path I lead you along? My heart when you are depressed and weak and afraid?
Yes, all these and more.
You see, over these days, I treat you a little more as an adult before our Wonder, our Source, our God.
I prepare you for this new event - adulthood before God.
This adulthood is a new fullness now coming upon the world just as The Spirit comes.
He is even now, making the world a clean place where sin and death are set aside and the camel despatched to his place, forever.
He is, even now, bringing forth a new heaven and a new earth for the new Adam.
His Era is upon you and man will return to adulthood in this new garden.
My own children, those children of The Holy Rosary, are to be first to experience this adulthood ...
... so that they are able to assist my other children in their search for Truth
... in their search for The Universal Church
... in their search for The Messiah Who is to bring to fullness every real desire of man.'
15-Aug-04.  Peace comes because the camel goes
Feast of The Assumption.
'Son. Son. Beloved.
Peace is coming to the world.
Peace comes because the camel goes and my Triumph for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, is now to be proclaimed by The Eternal-father.
That time is upon you, my son.
Prepare for this - be ready to assist my children and direct them to The Truth.
Yes, it is The Truth that my children will seek once we rid the earth of the deceiver from hell.
With this master of deception and falsehood gone from the earth and the intellects of all restored to the glory of that of Adam and Eve ...
... of that of Jesus and His Mother
... The Immaculate Conception
... Truth will suddenly become the most essential commodity around the planet.
Can you not perceive the vacuum caused by the removal of the camel and his myriad deceptions. Truth will flow like iron filings to a magnet, to the souls of my children everywhere.
Prepare for this, today.
I say 'today'.
You will perceive this vacuum everywhere, in the souls of my children. Turn no one away. Reach out to all.
Be aware of The Spirit of Love for He is also The Spirit of Truth, and allow yourself to be led by Him.
He is coming - He has come.
Welcome Him, for He is also The Spirit of Goodness - for He is The Spirit of God.
Yes, the time has come. Your time has come, little son.
Be, in Peace. Be, in Peace.
I will be with you, guiding you, holding your hand, giving you my Heart - my Immaculate Conception.
Proceed little warrior - little straw of God.'
25-Aug-04.   Yes, I have laid my mantle, the mantle of The Immaculate Conception, upon your shoulders
'Child of mine.
You ask for a 'special' locution ...
Yes, you perceive immediately this little indiscretion, for each and every time I 'speak' to you, is special ...
... for most truly it is between Heaven and earth
... between Creator and creature.
I am not The Creator but I am with Him in Heaven and all I do, I do on His behalf ...
... being His Mother and Queen
... His Woman of Scripture
... His Immaculate Conception.
Yes, I have laid my mantle, the mantle of The Immaculate Conception, upon your shoulders for you have matured and your shoulders are readied for this.
With this mantle we, you and your Mother in Heaven, must complete this section of the holy way we travel upon. This holy way is the way of Saints, but because of the Work that I now conclude - The Victory for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son - the way we travel is most important.
With this mantle around your shoulders, I will hasten our Work ...
... the Work of my children and I.
The Work will be complete when the Era of Love is proclaimed by The Eternal-father and then we must tidy up afterwards.
Once the new Era is thus proclaimed, another Work is required of us ...
... a most delightful Work

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