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... in which I and my children will find the greatest delight
... for we will draw together as never before
... within The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
The renewal of my children's mental, physical and spiritual make-up will enhance the delight of our oneness in The Lord ...
... and the souls of my little ones will rejoice
... will blossom in pure wonder.
That delight is close to you, little son.
3-Sep-04.   This love and enthusiasm you experience is a sign of The Spirit and of His Era
'Son. Beloved.
Yes, you are aware of The Love of God working in creation - working around the world.
This Love, this Spirit, works in the hearts of man and moves the universe.
This Love, This Spirit, is coming upon the world in a fullness never before known and He will be perceived by all peoples, everywhere.
How great is our God.
This love and enthusiasm you experience is a sign of The Spirit and of His Era ...
... The Era of Love
... The Era of Harmony.
This Love and Harmony will abound across creation and will never cease its action in the hearts of all of my children.
Even though a new evil will spring up, The Spirit will flourish everywhere, for my children are everywhere.
Yes, you may look forward to this super-abundance of God's Spirit and you have this foretaste of its beauty and wonder.
I am giving this foretaste to my children everywhere for they are to lead the world into the new Era ...
... where not only will The Spirit be acclaimed
... but my Immaculate Conception will be honoured
... and The Universal Church will be seen for what She is, The Light for the world.
Be at Peace in this great joy and delight that fills you. It is a gift from me, on behalf of our Lord and Saviour ...
... Jesus The Christ, Saviour of creation.
The Angels, Saints and Holy Souls join in this joy and delight for evil has been conquered forever ...
... and The Church is about to be adorned
... with every beauty and wonder
... in preparation as the Bride of Christ
... to be taken by Him at His Coming.
Praise God. To praise Him is a joyous thing.
Yes, my son, I send a special greeting of love to your close friends - yes, yes.'
8-Sep-04.    Keep your heart fixed on The Spirit Who brings His Harmony
'Son. So loved.
How great is The Love we share!
How great is it that Love shares with us!
The Spirit Who is Love, is this grand and exquisite bonding between me and my children ...
... between Jesus, my adored Son, and all creation, created for Him
... between God and His children
... between The Eternal-father and The Son.
This is The Love that is transforming all creation - all the earth ...
... all peoples everywhere.
Come Holy Spirit of Love. Come and make a new heaven and a new earth ...
... and raise The Universal Church to Her greatest pinnacle of Light for the world.
The Spirit comes and so we praise The Lord.
The Spirit comes and so we will perceive The Lord in The Catholic Eucharist with new eyes - the eyes of the new Adam and Eve ...
... in the new Garden of Eden.
The Spirit comes and He raises His Immaculate Conception before the eyes of the whole world ...
... before all creation
... and so will be seen The Woman clothed with the sun.
The Spirit comes and He places His Light upon each and all of my children; a light that is becoming visible everywhere.
The new Era of Love is upon the world and this actuality will be observed soon enough.
Be not concerned that the troubles of the world erupt here and there, for this is expected from the camel whose time has come and so makes a final act of defiance and hatred.
Keep your heart fixed on The Spirit Who brings His Harmony ...
... and in this, such delight and rapture for my children.
Keep The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, in you, holding fast to your attention of The Eternal-father ...
... Who so loves you
... who so loves the world!'
18-Sep-04    Yes, let our golden ship set sail
'Come my son, let us sail forth in the golden ship of my Immaculate Conception ...
... which my children have given to me
... which my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation, has given to me.
Yes, this is given to me, this golden ship and we, my Children and I, must sail her to bring the news of my Triumph for Jesus ...
... my Triumph for The Truth
... my Triumph for The Holy Spirit
... Whose Era of Love we have entered.
We will very quickly, sail this great ship across the waters of every sea bringing Truth with us ...

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