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consequence ...
... where The Eucharist of The Universal Church becomes the Centre of creation
... and The Church the Light for the world.
The final entrance into this Era - the fullness of it - requires some suffering for my children and indeed, for all peoples everywhere ...
... for the removal of the camel from the universe is no small thing - he with his evil army.
Remain steadfast son. Remain in Peace.
Look towards The Eternal-father.
Pray the prayers I have given you - Heaven has given you.
Help all of my children who look to your support.
I will provide you with the means and the necessities which goes with my immaculate mantle.'
22-Nov-04. My children of The Immaculate Conception will be His glorious army.
'Son. My little one.
Allow me to place Peace in your heart.
Thank you.
We, you and I, look for Peace for the world ...
... for then we will know that The Spirit of God takes full control.
Then we will see the mighty miracle that is The Catholic Church, The Mystical Body of Christ, The Communion of Saints on earth.
Then we will see The Church draw to Herself the many separated brothers and sisters of the Christian world.
Then we will see all men and women of every race and creed moving swiftly to join The Church until there is ...
... only one Church
... The Church of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Then we will see the rise of a new evil which will be a child of the evil-one, but not the evil-one who will have been despatched forever to his awful kingdom of death.
The new evil will produce the anti-christ who will rise up against The Church and draw great numbers to himself.
This will be the impulse for Jesus to return for He Himself will defeat the anti-christ ...
... Himself, personally.
My children of The Immaculate Conception will be His glorious army.
Filled with The Spirit, The third Era of Love will draw to a close ...
... following the second Era of Truth - that of The Son
... in turn following the first Era of Goodness - that of The Father.
At the defeat of the anti-christ all evil be removed to its predestined place - the kingdom of hatred.
Glory will be found throughout creation which will be absorbed in its new state of Goodness, Truth and Love into Heaven itself.
In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, into Heaven itself.
1-Dec-04. The Truth of The Universal Church, Light for the world
'Little son. Let me thank you.
Yes, my Heart has a deep appreciation for you and what you do and what you would do ...
... why else would I lay upon you
... my immaculate mantle
... and the authority that goes with this.
It is my immaculate mantle, the mantle of The Immaculate Conception, which in this time lays upon your shoulders.
Be at Peace with this for although you have this authority and also the responsibility of this, which at another time and place, would have ensured considerable suffering for The Lord, as a consequence ... however, as we quickly proceed into the new Era of The Spirit and yes, The Era of The Eucharist, the mantle I give you will bring you joy and strength and favour before God ...
... but also before the world.
The world is desperate for Peace ...
... the Peace of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son
... and this Peace comes out of Truth.
You know this - for I have taught you so for some time so that you could be my little warrior of Truth
... the Truth of my Immaculate Conception
... the Truth of The Universal Church, Light for the world
... the Truth of the Vicar of Christ
... the Truth of The Real Presence.
Within this Truth, all Truth is contained.
Never compromise on these foundations of Truth ...
... these characteristics found in the real-Catholic.
Proceed along my way little son, with those companions I have brought to you for you represent the entire Army of The Immaculate.
I mean the Army of God and this Army is not only found on earth ...
... but also in Purgatory and Limbo
... and in Heaven.
You can not help being astonished at what I 'say' to you and so I repeat them so that you will become familiar with the way I lead you ...
... familiar with your Immaculate Mother
... you Brother Jesus.'
2-Dec-04. Rejoice little son for we are that much closer and Peace for the world comes swiftly.
'Little son.
I take delight in your plea to me as your Mother and Queen.
It is a wonderful thing that I, The Immaculate Conception, Queen in Heaven, totally fulfilled in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son ...
... but yet being delighted by my tiny warrior of Truth!

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