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Yes, this is so, for even the Angels in Heaven have great joy in the repentance of one sinner.
So, while fulfilled in Heaven I am yet delighted by my children on earth.
Thank you. Thank you Ana Cristina Peter.
Today my son, it is my simple pleasure just to 'voice' my appreciation and my delight for you and for all of my Immaculate Army on earth.
This delight and appreciation is made even greater in my Mother's Heart when my Son Jesus also finds delight in and gives His appreciation to you and to all of my wonderful children.
And further, His delight and appreciation are shared by all of the living-creation in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo.
Today is a stepping-stone in the count-down to The Eternal-father's confirmation and proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus.
Rejoice little son for we are that much closer and Peace for the world comes swiftly.
Be patient - persevere - all in good time ...
... all in God's Divine-will.
And remember that all things are drawn up to Jesus, lifted up on The Cross.
Thank you for your consolation ...
... for joining me at Golgotha
... for the around-the-world Rosary.
Be, in Peace. Be, in delight. Be, in my arms.'
8-Dec-04  Yes, I have the greatest army ever assembled upon the earth and my warriors are great warriors
'Son. Little, lonely son of The Eternal-father.
You seem alone but not so. No, the heavenly Court accompanies you - the living -creation is beside you - your Friends.
Alone in this world, it would seem. But again, not so. The massive number of The Mother's Children everywhere would astonish you.
Yes, I have the greatest army ever assembled upon the earth and my warriors are great warriors - my warriors are superior to any other type ...
... for they fight for Love
... for they fight in Goodness
... for they fight through Truth.
My warriors - each one - are invincible.
Yes, many face death but even in death, they triumph for then they find themselves in my embrace ...
... reflecting the light of my Immaculate Conception
... attracting the delight of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
I present these martyrs directly to Jesus Who welcomes them - each one individually - into The Kingdom of God.
Yes, they are invincible and overcome death itself.
My mighty army is ready to form and become the light for the world.
Together, they are the light for the world.
Individually, each is a light for his family and friends.
My especial army, my especially trained warriors whose Rosary beads and crucifix make up their armour and weaponry, lead the world into the fullness of the new Era of The Spirit.
These wonderful warriors, men and women, in The Universal Church, have carried the Cross of The Church, in imitation of The Christ and have borne Her Passion - alone and yet together, my children in every township, have embraced the Cross of The Church with the same Love as did Jesus 2,000 years ago.
How I love these children of mine! I give them honour and glory before God and before the whole living-creation.
It is the time for the living-creation on earth to be separated from the death-creation so that God may bring Peace to the world and raise up The Eucharist.'
13-Dec-04.   How wondrous is The Church which holds the treasures of Truth, Love and Goodness
'Son. My little, tiny child.
I may say 'little' and I may say 'tiny' but what is important son, is the 'my', for indeed you belong to me ...
... as a son, a friend, a betrothed, a warrior.
I mention all of these but all together they can not express the closeness that exists between you and me, The Immaculate Conception ...
... between me and my children everywhere.
How I love each of my children in every town around the world!
How I love all of my children as the great Army of God ...
... the great Family of God
... the great Communion of Friends of God
... The Church Militant.
Yet I have children who do not know of The Universal Church and the Truth of Her ...
... that She is the Light for the world
... the provider of the Sacraments
... the giver of The Eucharist.
How wondrous is The Church which holds the treasures of Truth, Love and Goodness ...
... the treasures of The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... and dispenses these treasures everywhere in every generation.
How wondrous is our holy Mother The Church in her Vicar of Christ and in Her holy Magisterium ...
... and in Her faithful.
How pure is The Church in Her great Saints on earth - and multitudes exist across the nations ...
... great men and women of exquisite sanctity
... and boys and girls.
How powerful is the Light that The Church shines upon the world ...
... and which is about to be perceived by all peoples, everywhere.
30th. December, 2004.  The Father would bring back even the lost that have not been finally condemned

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