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'Son. Beloved son of mine.
I have not left you, little one. I remain with you and I continue to caress you within the light of my Immaculate Conception.
Still, my immaculate mantle remains upon your shoulders.
All is well in God's Plan of Salvation for each and every one of my children.
I have mentioned before that God works to save all of you and He will always give more time for this - and this He does, for my Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, has been accomplished over the red dragon.
We await God to proclaim it.
Therefore must we use this additional time to prepare even more for the fullness of The Era of Love and to reach out for more and more souls for The Lord.
If I and children have conquered evil by Jesus' Infinite Merits, you will surely realise ...
... that this is the greatest opportunity
... to rescue souls.
If The Eternal-father only gives more time so that the greatest number of my children are saved, then that is a guarantee that the capacity to save them is available to you ...
... to all of my especial children
... those consecrated to my Immaculate Heart
... my Immaculate Conception.
Realise, little son and warrior, that all of my children are saved and so addition time means that The Father's Mercy reaches out further ...
... to claim out of the grip of the camel
... yet more children.
The Father would bring back even the lost that have not been finally condemned.
There then is the offer to work the greatest miracles ...
... changing the hearts of the wicked while yet they breathe
... and turn them to The Saviour.
Do not waste these extra seconds!
Multiply your efforts - embrace with greater love the little crosses that come your way ...
... and move a multitude of souls and make my victory so much more glorious and sweet.'
5-Jan-05.   His vibrant, perceived Presence will astonish an unbelieving world
'Little son. Peace be with you.
Be, in Peace.
I say again
Peace comes to the world ...
... and Jesus is Peace.
Jesus comes in The Eucharist ...
... where His Presence will be perceived by all.
There will be no doubting His Presence upon Catholic Altars and in Catholic Tabernacles ...
... and the respect due to Him
... will be given, as to God
... for He is God.
His vibrant, perceived Presence will astonish an unbelieving world which will look at itself and its crimes against God and against man ...
... and repentance will overcome the nations.
Sorrow and joy will mingle in the heart of each person and a deep gratitude will blossom and flourish ...
... for the soul will understand that Here lies its destiny
... Here is what the soul seeks
... Her, in The Eucharist, will the heart of every person find delight.
A change will occur and the realisation of the divine Presence will affect all things - every thing - every one - every action - every power and authority ...
... for all will set their eyes upon The Eucharist.
The wonder of this Presence will be so great as to be too much for some souls who will fall asleep in The Lord.
No more rejections - no more defiances - no more turning the back - no more little side-rooms ...
... no, great majesty will be reserved for The King of Kings, Lord of all creation 
and He himself will point to my Immaculate Conception for the veneration of all
... which will come in the light of The Eternal-father's propclamation of my triumph for The eucharistic Jesus
... and by the power of The Holy Spirit Who's era it is within which The Church becomes the Light for the world.'
18-Jan-05.   As a Catholic, adoring The Christ in The Sacrament of Love, The Eucharist, devoted to me and obedient to the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome
'Son. My tiny child who wears my immaculate mantle.
I have given you this mantle of mine for you are to represent me, The Immaculate Conception.
I give you my mantle not because you also are without sin, but because of your fidelity to me as The Immaculate Conception ...
... because of your great love for this Gift of The Eternal father to me and to all creation
... but given to me first of all for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
Be at ease with this mantle around your shoulder. Continue as you are for these days, until the time I point out to you.
You will know that time and then I will ask you to reveal this mantle that I have given you ...
... this mantle that represents me
... that makes you my special agent for all of my children around the world.
As a Catholic, adoring The Christ in The Sacrament of Love, The Eucharist, devoted to me and obedient to the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, you will do your little part towards bringing Peace to mankind ...
... towards fulfilling The Era of Love.
I will always guide you, so be unconcerned about what action you are to take or what words you are to say. All these and more will be given to you for then we will be so close to the new Garden, the new City ...
... and my children will begin to be raised in their human capacities

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