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... mentally and physically
... spiritually
... and so their very persons will become like Adam and Eve before the fall
... but greater in The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
I say these things to you for your encouragement and the encouragement of your companions-on-the-way including all who read and embrace these words I place in your care.
Be blest, little son.
Be blest, all you., my children ...
... in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.'
18-Feb-05 - It is Truth fulfilled that is the catalyst of The Era of Love
'Beloved son. Yes, I 'say' it - Be, in Peace.
Peace of your very person - of your soul - of your body.
These are what you comprise of - person, soul, body.
Yes, in imitation of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
This Peace, the fullness of this Peace, fully embraced by you, body, soul, person, is The Peace of the new Era of The Spirit.
This Peace comes to my especial children of The Holy Rosary - those Catholics who seek obedience to the Vicar of Christ and who adore my Son in The Eucharist.
Yes, there are other especial children of mine, not Catholic, but who have hearts attuned to me, The Immaculate Conception. These will be the first to realise The Church of John Paul II is The Church of God.
These other children are of every religion - every nation - every society - and so you must always look for your Mother in everyone you meet.
You must therefore not neglect any person who comes to you for help, for they may have been sent by me.
To everyone, however, you should attempt to pass on this Peace that is The Son of Mercy.
Whoever accepts this Peace is a child of mine and you do not know if a person accepts - perhaps it may be tomorrow or the next day.
That is not your concern.
The Peace that is Jesus Christ resides where The Spirit has prepared.
Be happy about this for my children are most numerous, everywhere.
The hearts of billions have been prepared and each person awaits the Grace of God - the Peace of God. Each awaits and looks to Peace in the world and how this is to happen.
It is to happen soon, that The Eternal-father will proclaim my Triumph for Jesus and that is the time my children will know where to go for Truth.
It is Truth fulfilled that is the catalyst of The Era of Love and it is Goodness through Truth that brings forth Love.
It is my Immaculate Conception that represents The Goodness of  The Father and it is The Universal Church which represents The Truth of The Son.
Peace, my tiny Son.'
19-Feb-05.  Heart is grateful that we work together for the greater number of souls for The Christ
'Thank-you my son, for opening your heart to me - to my Heart ...
... to The Immaculate Conception.
Thank you for ;listening' to me and for writing my 'words' which are for you but also for all of my children.
You should proceed to place all of my words together - those you have yet to make public - every one.
Yes, there is much work involved but I would have you also recalled to my past communications.
You will be astounded.
I ask you to daily recall yourself to The Peace that is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
In consecrating yourself to my Immaculate Conception also consecrate yourself to Peace; The Peace of Christ.
I love you, tiny warrior. I care for you, little son of The Eternal-father.
While you must treasure the humility you have been given, you also must see the truth in everything I 'say' about our Work together - you and I.
Recall that everything good that you have, has been given to you and you will retain your humility.
Recall that you are a very little creature of The Creator and you will remain humble.
Your daily prayer reminding yourself that you are The Father's little servant, His little creature, His tiny warrior, His son, His little issue, will keep you humble if you absorb fully the meaning of the words and the truth of them.
Thank you. My Heart is grateful that we work together for the greater number of souls for The Christ - He for Whom only were we created.'
7-Mar-05.  Joseph is the same to us in our work and recognition of Joseph is absolutely important for the realisation of the fullness of the new Era of Peace
'Son. Child of God.
My child and yes, child of my loved husband Joseph, earthly father to Jesus, your Brother.
It is excellent - it is good - that you are revived in your devotion to Joseph as he has always looked upon you as a child of his.
Allow this new consciousness of Joseph's greatness to affect your spiritual path upon which I lead you.
As on earth Joseph and I continue to work for the fulfilment of The Messiah's intentions.
As Mother and Father of Jesus we never ceased to join Him in His great Work of Salvation and at all times we were aware that Jesus, our Son, was The Christ, The Son of The Living-god.
This is the Work we continue to carry out, never ceasing and always working as parents of the children of God, seeking salvation for each son and each daughter of ours.
Be totally at Peace, son of mine, and be excited about placing yourself and your intentions also in the care of Joseph for he has great authority in Heaven and upon earth.
I do not work without his most loving assistance and support. Indeed, I am quite unable to fulfil my mission as Mother and as Woman without my beloved husband, Joseph.
This work that we do, you and I, would come to nothing had we not Joseph's support - for The Holy Trinity has placed much prestige and authority upon his powerful shoulders, on earth and in Heaven.
Yes, let you consecrations be not only to The Immaculate Conception but also to the most chaste Heart of

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