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Joseph for the time is upon us, you and I, to rely more upon this father of The Messiah ...
... this confidant of The Messiah
... this teacher of The Messiah
... this defender of The Messiah
... this provider for The Messiah.
Joseph is the same to us in our work and recognition of Joseph is absolutely important for the realisation of the fullness of the new Era of Peace.'
14-Mar-05.  Peace comes out of Goodness
'Son of God. Beloved of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, It is good to consecrate yourself to ...
... The Peace of Christ
... Prince of Peace.
Thank you for this, for Peace is what the world needs and what the world is soon to have ...
... for the love and the gratitude and the glory of God.
Peace comes out of Goodness.
Truth will only be accepted by the world once the camel is taken to his place and people will become capable of perceiving Truth ...
... and in this Truth
... will come unity
... and Peace.
This is the work at hand - removing the camel and his influence, for although my Triumph for Jesus has been effected, The Eternal-father chooses the moment for this Triumph to be revealed and the execution fulfilled.
In the meantime I bring Peace to all of my children around the world - in their hearts, their very persons.
My children trust me even in their day to day difficulties and in their heart-aches and so this Peace is deep in them consoling them, fortifying them and providing them with patience and perseverance.
Let your trust in me grow and grow, little son, for I only lead you to The Father - The Son - The Spirit.
Let the wonderful Joseph, my husband, enter more and more into your life with great joy and every welcome ...
... so that we have three hearts
... the chaste heart of Joseph, my Heart of The Immaculate Conception and our hearts lead only to
... The Sacred Heart of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation.
All creation is for my Son; The Father's Gift to Him, by The Love of The Spirit.
Yes, the entire universe, with the universe of the spirit, all created for Jesus ...
... all saved by Him
... all drawn up to Him on The Cross at Golgotha.'
21-Mar-05.  The hardest work has been done - the greatest battles have been won
'Son of mine.
Truly, you are son of The Immaculate Conception, the great Gift of The Heavenly-father to me for Jesus, my adored Son.
And my adored Son, on The Cross, gave me, The Immaculate Conception, to each and every one of The Father's children of every nation, of every generation.
It is this Immaculate Conception that was the catalyst for the entry of The Christ into creation, for this Gift was The Eternal-father's Work - His Masterpiece - His signal that the new Era of The Son, of Truth, was to begin.
Now as the new Era of The Spirit is upon creation, The Father's Work - my Immaculate Conception - is again to be a catalyst that will usher in The Spirit's Era.
The great Work of The Eternal-son, The Universal Church, is the other catalyst which is active in bringing forth the new Era.
So it is that The Immaculate Conception, representing The Eternal-father and The Universal Church, representing The Eternal-son - together - bring forth the new heavens and the new earth, representing The Eternal-spirit.
Every one of my children. everywhere, works as my supporter and as member of The Universal Church, especially my children of the Holy Rosary ...
... those obedient to The Vicar of Christ
... and having adoration of The Real Presence in The Eucharist of Love.
The hardest work has been done - the greatest battles have been won - even though some work and some conflict remain.
We now await upon The Will of The Trinity - that adorable Will by which creation was formed and the great dignity of man was brought forth ...
... that wondrous Will which brings into the very Centre of The Godhead all who co-operate; all who accept Truth; all who live in Goodness and practice Love.
Br courageous and confident then, little son.
Cling to my hand as I lead you towards the supernatural Light ahead of us ...
... for that is The Spirit of Love and Harmony
... Who spreads Peace and regeneration across the universe
... Peace that began in the hearts of my children.'
11-Apr-05. While the world recovers from the loss of its favourite son, the hearts of a great number will come into my embrace
'Little son.
Be at peace. Be, in Peace.
Of course I would 'speak' to you. I have said before - I will always be available to communicate with my tiny son ...
... who means so much to me
... The Immaculate Conception.
Why, I have placed my immaculate mantle upon your shoulders - this is the measure of what you mean to me.
In this period - the short time since my beloved first son, John Paul II, was welcomed into my outstretched arms and the appointment of his replacement - we must work very hard to spread the word:-
The Triumph of The Woman has taken place.

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