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While the world recovers from the loss of its favourite son, the hearts of a great number will come into my embrace. Yes, I will touch the hearts of a huge number because of the sanctity of my very own Vicar of Christ, John Paul II.
His work has been great in every nation - in every culture - in every religion - but his work carries on ...
... for his work is also my Work - our Work.
His work will continue to blossom as will the fruits of Vatican Council Two - these will colour the entire future of The Church ...
... of the world.
You will perceive my Work around you and everywhere, for I now work on the sanctity of this new favourite son of Heaven ...
... God proposes to make his work flourish everywhere
... and we will use his greatness to draw closer to the fullness of the New Era.
Let us thank this son of thew world ; this son of The Church; this mighty Vicar of Christ - let us thank God for him.
I thank him - this great son of mine - and I welcomed him to his throne in Heaven with great joy and delight, presenting him to Jesus ...
... presenting him to The Lamb of God
... Whose joy was all the greater in Gethsemane for knowing this son of mine was to come in the century of the devil.
Heaven rejoices as its citizens perceive the full collapse of the greatest of all apostasies - modernism, which combined all others.
28-Apr-05.  And I, His little handmaid, can only imitate my God and my Creator
'Dear son of mine - tiny warrior of The Eternal-father.
How fortunate you are, son of mine, son of Joseph, son of God!
What God has given you!
Existence - in His Own image!
God has given you Himself - His very Goodness - His Truth - His Love.
How absolutely wonderful is our God Who became Man - Jesus, The Christ - and yet again gave Himself to you and to me!
What Gifts are these, little son!
Gifts greater then the whole universe.
He could give you the whole planet, but such a gift is nothing to what He has already given you!
And His Gift of Self is not just for today - no, it is for eternity, for God will fulfil His Gift to you which you already possess - He fulfils it in Heaven where you truly participate in His Divinity.
Yes, you are truly blest little son. Most truly.
The Immaculate Conception which I share with you is another sign of God's great Generosity - for His Generosity is absolute ...
... of course.
When God gives and when God shares, He does not hold back .
And I, His little handmaid, can only imitate my God and my Creator and give myself to all of His Children.
You too are to imitate The Creator as a little creature of His and give yourself to God's Children ...
... beginning with His Only-begotten
... my own Son, Jesus.
Continue to pursue Peace, little one.
Peace is Christ and He comes to you as Peace, for Peace leads ...
... to Harmony
... and we are in the Era of Harmony
... The Era of The Spirit.
Rejoice, son of mine so tiny, rejoice for The Father's Will unfolds and Salvation becomes total.'
4-May-05.  Yes, it is for the sake of Truth that Truth-personified revealed Himself
'Son of mine - son of Heaven.
Yes, you have a great number of friends in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo - friends who are especially connected to you - friends to whom you owe gratitude and who owe gratitude to you.
These friends are there for you and for The Will of God, for you.
I lead these friends - these brothers and sisters in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
It is not possible to pay special devotion to all and every one of them, in a particular way, due to your incapacity but you must remember them in a general way, on a constant basis and to remember your special patrons in a special way.
As for each human, you have a Guardian Angel but also special patrons from Heaven to help you through life, in obtaining Truth.
Truth is the real aim of life for every person ...
... Truth about God
... Truth about creation.
You know already the utmost importance to all that Truth is. How fortunate then, for all creation, that Divine-truth, that Person that is Jesus Christ, came upon earth to reveal Himself and so, to reveal God and God's Will.
Yes, it is for the sake of Truth that Truth-personified revealed Himself and part of this Truth is His Passion; His Cross by which He opened The Way to Heaven  for every man, women and child of all generations.
It is to teach Truth that Jesus formed His Universal Church lead by Peter, and to this Church and to Peter, that Jesus gave the Treasury of Truth ...
... the Pillar and Foundation of The Truth.
It is through Truth that the world enters The Era of Love and Harmony, and that Truth reveals ...
... my Immaculate Conception
... for Truth, in creation, came to have being through my Immaculate Conception.
This Immaculate Conception, reflecting The Eternal-goodness of God the Father, is the impulse and the supreme requirement that brought The Spirit to give Life into my womb, to which I co-operated fully.

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