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And now, out of Truth, comes to man the new heavens and the new earth.
Come, Holy Spirit.'
13-May-05.   Do you not perceive John Paul the Great amongst them?
'Son. Beloved. Most tiny warrior.
By Love do I come to you and walk beside you on your path through life ...
... the path that I myself set out for you and your companions
... the path of The Immaculate Conception.
It is through Truth that we travel this path and do not deviate and it is in Goodness that we find the strength and the willingness to travel it.
We walk this path together, you and I, for such is the wondrous Will of The Eternal-father.
It is He Who surveys us as we tread this pathway leading to the fullness of The Spirit's Era of Love and Harmony.
For Jesus The Christ, my adored Son - for His Universal Church - do we travel this way.
Walk with me, then, my child, with total confidence in your Mother; with, as you name me, The Woman of Scripture.
Walk with Peace and goodwill - walk with joy and delight - for we are joined by The Living Creation, the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.
What company do you keep, little child!
Do you not perceive John Paul the Great amongst them?
He who also walked the path of The Mother as have done all of the Saints - as will all of the Saints.
Be also patient, son and always ready, for the opening of the fullness of this Era.
Soon we will see ahead of us on the path we travel the Light of The Spirit. It is already there but you have yet to catch sight of it - that is why I point it our to you.
You will perceive this Light soon enough, just as The Father wills.
In the meantime relish the delight of the pathway for it contains great beauty and many wonders ...
... and yes, much suffering
... but this suffering is sweet and tasty.
I know. Yes, I know.
But also, please grasp The Peace of this pathway, for Peace must be your food and your energy and your light.
Peace must be your fullness.'
30-May-05.  for these three wonders of creation are to become recognised by all on earth
'Little son of mine.
My son. My tiny warrior.
It is the time for the tiny warrior to proceed to another plain - another step in The Era of Love and Harmony.
We move on son, you and I and our companions.
Yes, we have passed a period - a set period for you to mature and proceed along the pathway of The Immaculate Conception ...
... my pathway
... this pathway of delight for you and your companions.
You will view the new heavens and the new earth for I open your eyes to the new Era of The Spirit.
Be in Peace, and be astonished at what you are about to 'see'.
I will share your delight - your delight will be mine and mine yours, for we are in the image of God - of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son - and so like our Creator, we share our possessions.
In sharing this delight the delight is magnified for this is the normal result of sharing - of charity - of Love.
Do not be worried about making this open for others to view - this locution - for you may be assured that we are indeed, at a new and wonderful point in The Spirit's Time.
Proceed with certainty and in Peace.
All is well in spite of what appears chaos across the world - The Eternal-father's Will proceeds and the evil and the evil one come to the end of their time - and their end will be swift when it comes.
Cling then to your obedience to my new Vicar of Christ - to your devotion to my Immaculate Heart - to your adoration of The Sacrament of Love ...
... for these three wonders of creation are to become recognised by all on earth
... and acknowledged and appreciated by the great majority.'
15-Jun-05    For yet you do not fully embrace The Peace of Jesus, The Christ
'Little son.
I bring you Peace.
Yes, Peace.
For yet you do not fully embrace The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son and again, I remind you of this.
You consecrate yourself to The Peace of Christ and you will therefore come to the fullness of His Peace ...
... just as will the world
... just as is the world, for Peace comes upon the world.
Yes, The Spirit brings Peace for He fulfils The Era of The Son, Who is Peace.
Just as The Spirit brings Peace, so also does He bring about the fullness of Truth, for again, The Son is Truth.
In fulfilling The Era of The Son The Spirit enters fully into His Own Era ...
... The Era of Love.
Grand is this Era of Love, for man finds his own fullness restored as he is
recreated to his original perfection but raised to a higher sphere by the power of Christ's Infinite Merits.
With Jesus Christ, God-made-man, as a member of the human race, He raises man's dignity, already so great, to an impossible height - for a mere creature.
But with The Creator becoming a creature, creation is dignified astonishingly ...
... and man is raised to the potential of divinity.
We may share Divinity in The Christ where previously we were doomed to failure ...
... not being able to fulfil the destiny God planned.
In this Peace I bring you my son, be constant and persevere on the path we tread ...
... the little warrior and The Immaculate Conception.'

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