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20-Jun-05.  No true child of mine will be lost to the evil one - not one
"Little beloved son of The Immaculate Conception ...
... of The Woman of Scripture,
thank you for opening your heart to me.
Yes, I thank you even though I be Queen of Heaven, for even as Queen I need my little warrior ...
... indeed, all of my children.
Truly, I need my children around the world, each and every one of them, for each one has great dignity before our Creator ...
... each a creature with total freewill
... and each issuing directly from The Eternal-father in his or her very person
... and for each one did Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, take upon Himself The Passion, The Cross.
Each child is so very important to The Holy Trinity for, having created each one, it then behoved The Holy Trinity to take total care of each and to ensure that each of my children should reach their Home.
No true child of mine will be lost to the evil one - not one ...
... for God will not be defeated - can not be defeated.
You see then, how important is your consecration to me as my child ...
... and how important is your consecration to my Immaculate Conception of the Priests of your region and of your state.
Should they turn to me even for an instant, I will embrace them and offer them every help towards becoming a child of mine. Should they accept, I will bring them into my true family.
That is to not to say my son, that many of them are already my children either because they have remained faithful to The Church or because they once consecrated themselves to me in true sincerity. These I hold close to my Heart for I am so devoted to the Priesthood and to my Priest-sons ...
... they who bring Golgotha to the entire world
... over every age
... to every race.
Most truly do I love the good Priests who are formed to the image of my Son, The Eternal-priest."
29-Jun-05.   The world now enters this Peace and fullness of The Era of Truth which opens the way to The Spirit.
'Son of mine. Little, little son.
Little worried son who should be at Peace - in Peace - with Peace.
When will you open your heart to Peace? Not just peace of soul, peace of mind, but to Peace - The Prince of Peace Who brings peace to The Father's children no matter the situation - no matter their worries - no matter their agonies.
Yes, this is The Peace I bring to you - to the world.
Persevere in attaining this peace of spirit, little son, for it puts aside worry and mental hassles and physical hassles and allows my children to really know The Presence of The Christ, my adored Son.
How often do you become distracted by outside pressures and inside impulses not of yourself?
These distractions take you from my embrace - move you to anger and impatience and rebellion.
These vices I seek to remove from my children - from the world and I will succeed ...
... I have succeeded.
The world now enters this Peace and fullness of The Era of Truth which opens the way to The Spirit.
It is Truth that Jesus The Christ brings and that The Spirit perfects and in this perfection comes His Own Era of Love.
Love issues out of Truth.
This movement in time and space, from Era to Era, is absolutely assisted by The Woman and her children, for the love and the gratitude and the glory of The Saviour - of God.
And Truth brings Peace - Truth is Peace.
To Peace and Truth do I lead you as a doorway to The Era of Peace.
Allow your spirit to open itself to The Immaculate Conception and I will place this Peace firmly within you ...
... or indeed, I will place you in this Peace.'
18-Jul-07   This my favourite labour - bringing souls to Jesus and results from the great Gifts He has given to me.
'O little child. Do you know what I bring you?
Yes. Peace!
What a wonderful Gift to the world - peace. Peace everywhere, and with true peace, man will view The Prince of Peace and in viewing Him, will open up to The Spirit of Harmony.
With Peace I bring perseverance for when I open myself to a child of mine he receives strength to persevere in The Truth of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
This is my favourite labour - bringing souls to Jesus and results from the great Gifts He has given to me. It was through Jesus that The Eternal-father gave me ...
... made me
... The Immaculate Conception.
I use all my Gifts to bring about the fulfilment of The Holy Spirit's endeavours and His chief endeavour is to raise souls to Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God.
That is why I lead you to Jesus' Sacred Heart to become One in Him ...
... raising your sight to The Eternal-father, in Him
... allowing The Spirit to act within you.
The Will of God is so astonishing that He would raise creatures to the point of sharing The Godhead!
I might comprehend that God would do no less, but the full comprehension is beyond the capacity of the creature ...
... beyond my capacity."
However, the continuing delight in Heaven, in perceiving God's Infinite-will, is a source of unending, astounding happiness that can not end, for only God comprehends Himself totally.

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