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Musings 2002/156

It can be said that Mary acted on behalf of creation while God The Son acted on behalf of The Creator, both co-operating towards Salvation. It can be said that creation reached up to God through Mary while God reached down for creation through His Son, Jesus Christ.
This divine conference, in that case, between lost creation and The Creator, came about between Gabriel and Mary and was fulfilled in Mary's
Be it done unto me, according to your word, that being the moment she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and conceived within her virginal womb, Jesus, The Christ.

At Mary's word, The Holy Spirit acted.

At Mary's word, The Son of God became a human being, in her womb.
Where does God The Father come into it?
Mary is the supreme Work of The Father for in her Immaculate Conception, given her by The Father, she perfectly reflected the Goodness of God.
In The Father's Immaculate Conception - it really belongs to Him - which issued out of Him to Mary, she was thus prepared by Him to become The Mother of His Son, by The Spirit of Love.
In this way, the supreme Work of The Father, Mary, was overshadowed by The Spirit so that The Son might take His place within her, for the sake of all creation.

Responsibility is a Proof of Delegation

This responsibility of Mary, of each one of us, of The Church, is God delegating His power upon us.
This delegation of power highlights and confirms many things that The Church teaches e.g., that to be saved we need more then faith - we need to do what God has delegated to us, as well:- good works.
In this delegation we are able to help others to gain Eternal life and it follows that Mary and the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, are also able to help souls to Heaven.
Further, Mary would be our
greatest help in gaining Heaven.

The greater the responsibility the greater the delegation of power.

So, we arrive at the responsibility of the Supreme Pontiff, the Pope, the Vicar of Christ. If he is given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, what then is the extent of the power delegated to him?
If what
he binds on earth is also bound in Heaven, what then is the extent of the power delegated to him?
Delegation of power to Angels is another method of highlighting the truth of doctrine taught by The Church, which teaches devotion to them.
Seems to me that it would be foolish not to acknowledge the holy Angels and their place in God's Plan for creation.
Certainly, it would seem wise to acknowledge our Guardian Angels and the power delegated to them in their defence and protection of us, the children of God,  for
they behold the face of my heavenly Father continually. Mat. 18:10.
Delegation of power from God assists in understanding the fact that He gave us freewill for freewill without the power to act upon one's decision, with the possibility of achieving the results sought, would be worthless.

Good from Evil.

Delegation of power also helps to explain how the devil has been able to gain so much control over the world and over mankind, having had this power and this freewill which he abused and turned against his Creator and His children.
In the devil, we are able to observe just to what extent The Creator respects the freewill of His creatures; for the devil, in the gigantic power and authority delegated to him, used everything in his possession in an attempt to defy God and to destroy His creation.
God did not say to Himself
Opps, just as We suspected. One of Our creatures has used Our Gifts to defy Us. This creature has badly malfunctioned and We should eliminate it.
No, of course God does not make mistakes and His great, divine plan for His children included a reply to treachery. Indeed this divine plan catered not only for treachery but, as a result of treachery, catered for

an even greater destination for His children,
to be achieved
by The Cross of Salvation which otherwise,
would not have been needed!

How exquisite is God Who draws astonishing results of goodness out of acts of treachery from His creatures!

Delegation Leads to Mercy
and Forgiveness.

Because God is perfectly just, all treachery against Him should draw an appropriate response - i.e., exclusion from His divine plan or sent to a lower seat at the banquet table.
One the contrary, as it turns out, God not only forgives treachery when the person repents, but might even raise him to a higher seat at the banquet table.
This is made possibly by The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
While Christ is The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, He is also truly Man. It is, as a Man, that Christ is delegated supreme power in all creation, it being created for Him only.
The justice that God ordained for Adam and Eve and their descendants had already been given. 

P 33. Our first parents by their sin,
lost the wonderful gift of sanctifying grace
and with it the right to go to heaven.
They were driven out of the Garden of Eden
and, with all their children
to the end of the world,
were doomed to die. P

The Penny Catechism here describes God's just penalty on mankind. In particular we note we had lost the right to go to Heaven.
The crime had been committed. The case again mankind had been heard. The sentence had been handed down. It only remained for the sentence to be carried out.
BUT, the sentence, as we know, has been withdrawn, and mankind is now able to go to Heaven. Mankind, through  Christ's Infinite Merits, has regained

the right to go to Heaven.

Such is the power delegated to Christ - the perfect justice of God is overcome by His mercy.
The just sentence is reduced, is even set aside.
Even further, mankind, bathed in these Infinite Merits, is enabled to gain great thrones in Heaven, greater then was possible with Adam and Eve had they not sinned.
But this delegation of power, which transforms divine justice into divine mercy, is available to other children of God, not only to Christ, although it is made available to them through and for Christ.
When we read about St. Therese of The Child Jesus and her prayer for a convicted murderer who repented just before his execution, we perceive the power of Christ in her. We perceive the delegated power that transforms divine justice into divine mercy.
This is only made possible because God delegated power to His creatures and we glimpse in this, the pure magnificence

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