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... beside me at Golgotha
... where I need my loving children around me
... supporting their Mother who so desperately needs them
... in her support of The Christ, her adored Son.
The agonies of The Son so not miss The Mother who is Co-redemptrix ...
... acting on behalf of all creation
... all of the living creation.
And son, all of the living creation is beside me at Golgotha.
How I welcome you there with all your brothers and sisters of all generations; of all nations,
From these children of mine, who I represent as Co-redemptrix
... who with me, make up my title as Co-redemptrix
... I gain sure strength and consolation
... and together with you all
... give strength and consolation to our Saviour.
For He sees before Him, on The Cross, The Immaculate Conception and her uncountable children, giving themselves to Him as He gives Himself to us.'
26-Aug-05  Persevere along the road I set out for you for it leads to every treasure of Christ's Infinite Merits
'Little son of mine.
I do bring you Peace.
I bring Peace to you.
Embrace Jesus Christ, my adored Son, Prince of Peace.
Be not concerned that you are ruffled and do not feel the Peace of Christ - be patient. The Peace of Christ is in your heart and in time, will also consume your soul and body.
In the meantime delight in the Peace you have and look for its furtherance.
I am your Mother and I would have my child filled with every Grace - perfect in every way as a little son of God, The Eternal-father.
Persevere along the road I set out for you for it leads to every treasure of Christ's Infinite Merits and indeed, to the very Virtues of God - Goodness, Truth, Love.
We are doing well, my little son and I, sailing the golden ship that is The Immaculate Conception.
I am The Immaculate Conception who enfolds her children in her arms and joins them together from every part of the world. This embrace is your golden ship and we look everywhere for my children to bring them aboard.
We travel by The Love of The Holy Spirit for it is His Divine-era in which we sail forth and we sail across the holy waters of Truth for Truth brings the fullness of The Era of Love.
It is Truth that is to be made clear to all peoples and to each person so that each will embrace Truth.
These who embrace Truth will come aboard our golden ship - the ship of Goodness.
This ship will sail with absolute safety so that those aboard will survive to see the fullness of The Era of The Spirit.
Remember that you are aboard this wondrous ship and you will all the sooner, be consumed by The Peace of Jesus.
Peace to each of my children.'
6-Sep-05.  ...as The Era of The Eucharist takes hold of all peoples.
'Little son.
We love you so much - we in Heaven, in Purgatory, in Limbo.
It is The Love Who is God which we share with you and with all of the Living Creation.
The time of the future will see the Living Creation consume all creation - become all creation ...
... where there is no evil
... none
... only Goodness.
That time will come when The Era of The Spirit concludes and Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son returns in all-glory bringing the final defeat of the anti-christ.
Then will The Kingdom of God consume all creation in which no room at all will be found for evil - all hatred, death and deceit will be banished forever.
That is the final Triumph.
In the meantime, we proceed into an era of great Peace where Goodness and Truth will reign for a long time and Love will abound.
The Saints will be honoured and so will The Immaculate Conception, your Mother and Friend, as The Era of The Eucharist takes hold of all peoples.
You may look forward to this Era for already you have entered it.
Look with confidence to the days ahead.
Remember you are part of my triumphant army which has conquered the red dragon whose time in creation is at an end and he is due to be delivered to the kingdom of death, outside ordinary creation.
With the serpent gone the world will be given Peace - great Peace.
Thank-you Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace.
Thank-you, Eucharistic-christ.
Thank-you, Lord of all - You for Whom I was created and for Whom all of my children were created.
Thank-you, Father, Son, Spirit.'
19-Sep-05.   I wanted to 'say' to you - I love you.
'Little child. I have wanted you to take up your pen.
I wanted to 'say' to you - I love you.
To 'say' - thank-you.
To 'say' you will ever remain in the light of my Immaculate Conception.
In 'saying' these things, I would have you remain absolutely confident and sure of yourself as you travel the path of The Immaculate Conception ...

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