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... wearing my mantle.
Be optimistic little son, for indeed the conquest is mine - it is yours and mine - it is my children's and mine ...
... for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Persevere a little longer, for The Father's proclamation of the Era of The Spirit is at hand.
Yes ' at hand'.
The Holy Trinity uses time and space to save souls ...
... to save billions of souls
... to save the maximum of souls
... even to snatch souls from the very gates of hell.
Such is the Mercy of God.
Such is the Victory of God.
Who is like God!
Yes, The Holy Trinity saves souls for Jesus, The Christ, for Whom they were created but also provides for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and Limbo ...
... especially, in this time, in Limbo
... for souls in Limbo are saved through the efforts of The Church in time and space
... through Jesus' Infinite Merits, of course.
Be at peace then and prepare for the Proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus.
Be joyous - be delighted - radiate Peace.
Be blest in the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.
Come Holy Spirit - You are Love and Harmony.'
22-Sep-05.   Consider yourself a tiny issue from The Father - directly from The Father - wherein your dignity becomes so enormous before The Godhead
'Son. My little child.
Most little child of God ...
... who issues directly from The Eternal-father
... through and for The Eternal-son
... by the power of The Spirit.
Consider yourself a tiny issue from The Father - directly from The Father - wherein your dignity becomes so enormous before The Godhead ...
... wherein the dignity of each of my children becomes so enormous.
This dignity is raised in accord with your use of your total freewill.
This dignity is fortified and raised to impossible levels in The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
This dignity is divinised through The Infinite Merits of our Saviour, Jesus.
In this I, The Immaculate Conception, support you and each of my children, helping, guiding and forming you in every possible way so that each child of mine is raised to the highest Heaven.
It is good to realise your dignity before God but you need to bear in mind that this God-given Gift can be lost through treachery before God or man.
For this reason did God give us guidelines on how to use our souls and bodies in creation. These guidelines, these Commandments, written in our hearts, make up a golden road on which to travel and this golden road leads to Eternal-life.
How wonderful and how delightful that God gave us this golden road on which to travel in life - these Ten Commandments!
How fantastic is The Universal Church that God gives to us - The Universal Church of Pope Benedict - which is the carriage that makes our journey along the golden road so easy and so delightful and so sure.
This carriage is the guarantee that we will never leave the golden road.
Thank-you Father, Son and Spirit for the Golden Road and the Carriage.'
3-Oct-05.     In recognising The Works of The Father and The Son man will then recognise The Work of The Spirit
'Son of The Immaculate Conception ...
... a Gift of Goodness to me and to all creation
... so great as to perfectly reflect The Eternal-father.
I have said all generations
shall call me blessed in Scripture and this has indeed been the case.
This recognition is to increase in every nation for this recognition is really to The Eternal-father ...
... Whom I reflect
... Who so created me for His Eternal-son
... and filled me with His Spirit at the Incarnation.
This recognition of my Immaculate Conception is necessary for mankind to know itself, for I am a type of pre-curser for each child of mine having obtained Heaven.
I am the model that The Universal Church copies and relates to, being the first-fruits of ...
... Jesus' Infinite Merits.
It is necessary for the world to appreciate this Gift to me and to mankind - this Immaculate Conception - for to appreciate it is to further appreciation of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... Who issued from me
... and made me His Co-redeemer.
Being The Work of The Eternal-father, my Immaculate Conception leads naturally to The Work of The Son - His Universal Church which provides The Eucharist to the world.
In recognising The Works of The Father and The Son man will then recognise The Work of The Spirit ...
... and His Work even now, can be observed by my closest children.
The Work of The Spirit will therefore issue from The Universal Church which is even now, becoming The Light for the world and from The Immaculate Conception ...
... for, in appreciation of this Gift and being astonished at its majesty, beauty and power,
... my children lift their eyes above to Jesus The Christ, and only then, begin to realise His Divinity
... which in turn, opens their eyes to The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
Come Holy Spirit - Come.

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