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17-Oct-05    Yes, the great declaration comes upon the world which must pray as did Nineveh
'Little son of Heaven.
Yes, I 'say' it - be, in Peace.
Peace to you.
Let us pray together ... 'Our Father .........'
The great prayer of my adored Son Jesus, The Christ - said without ceasing around the world.
We need prayer ...
... pray for the world.
The world needs to pray ...
... communicate with our God
... send pleas that 'His Will be done on earth'
... crying out with the greatest meaning 'deliver us from evil'.
The Eternal-father is 'listening' for this prayer from the world and He hears it from you ...
... in the Prayer of The Signs of The Cross
... which would gather the prayers of every man, woman and child, everywhere
... and He hears it from other children of mine.
The prayer gathers momentum and power and is joined with the prayer of The Church Suffering and The Church Triumphant.
Continue in your prayer, making every moment of your day, every day, a prayer ...
... for The Eternal-father would declare
... The Triumph of The Woman
... and show the peoples of the world
... His Immaculate Conception, given to me
... and His Universal Church, The Church of Benedict
... and so, The Era of The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
Yes, the great declaration comes upon the world which must pray as did Nineveh, for The Eternal-father is merciful and would spare every person, everywhere ...
... bringing each one to the fullness of The Era of Peace.
Yet the time approaches and some will be unprepared and must perish with the evil one to the kingdom of death.
Pray with me.
24-Oct-05 This work includes making my husband, the Patriarch Joseph who reflects The Eternal-spirit, known everywhere
'Little son of mine.
I thank you for agreeing to be my little son and to 'listen' to what I 'say' to you ...
... for I teach you many and wonderful things of the spirit
... and I have such plans for you.
Yes - and these plans will astonish even you who have such optimistic and astonishing dreams and hopes.
I look to the time when you enter into the fullness of my plans for you and for my children.
You call me 'Queen of Delight' and I must tell you that I am truly delighted in my children around the world.
How wonderful they are!
How fervent they are in following our great Pope Benedict and how worshipful they are before The Real Presence!
How they love their Mother in Heaven and honour my Immaculate Conception!
What delight and joy I have in my children ...
... especially in that they delight my adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... Saviour of all creation.
Truly I am your Queen of Delight.
You are succeeding in your efforts for me, son; in your hopes of making The Immaculate Conception known everywhere.
This work of yours is my work and we have helpers all over the world ...
... promoting this unsurpassable Gift to creation, given first to Jesus and by Him, to all of God's children.
This work includes making my husband, the Patriarch Joseph who reflects The Eternal-spirit, known everywhere.
This work includes making known to my children, the Great-archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.
These wonderful icons of creation, blessed before the heavenly Host, point in turn, to ...
... The Universal Church
... The Church of The Pope
... The Church of The Eucharist
... The Church of The Holy Rosary.
Thank-you son of mine.'
27-Oct-05  In spite of your continued faults and failings, God is moving all creation
'Little one. Oh my little one ...
... clinging still to the things of earth
... thinking he can change the world!
My little son, it is God Who is changing the world.
Yes, He changes the world through His Immaculate Conception and her little children.
We are His little co-operators in The Work of Jesus' Salvation.
All was fulfilled on The Cross of Golgotha by Jesus Himself.
Yes, He did need my help as His little Co-redemptrix but all was achieved through His Divinity ...
... His Person
... being The Son of God, The Second Person
... God from God.
Yet my tiny son sometimes feels he will change the world himself and becomes impatient and upset!

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