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Peace, son of mine. Peace. Peace. Peace.
As you heard
Great Graces can be had by overcoming temptations.
All is in hand before God.
Yes, believe it or not - God's Plan of Redemption is really working! ...
... is being achieved
... is saving the entire universe.
In spite of your continued faults and failings, God is moving all creation ...
... spiritual and physical
... and the new heavens and the new earth are before you.
The Spirit of Love comes and renews all things.
Remain calm - remain where you are - remain patient and expectant.
I stand beside you - I, The Immaculate Conception.
It is our Saviour Who achieves great and astounding miracles, even if He does them through us ...
... His Mother and her tiny son
... and her children everywhere.
The Triumph  belongs to Jesus The Christ, my adored Son ...
... The Son of Man
... The Son of Mary.'
2-Nov-05    These Gifts of realisation and of consciousness are phenomenal Sharings of Divinity, Itself
'Son. Tiny one of God.
True son - true issue - of The Eternal-father. You are aware that your person issues directly from The Eternal-father in the same way as does The Person of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... yet not as a divine Person.
How great is this!
How stupendous is this!
Such is the dignity God gives His children and this dignity is that which is immortal.
To the person of each does God give a soul and a body, created for that person and by which each gains Eternal-life ...
... or eternal-death.
It is indeed a joy to praise The Lord - it is a joy to perceive The Lord, even in a limited way - it is a joy to have access to Truth, Love and Goodness.
What wonderful delight that Jesus gives us His Church through which He passes on to the world, the Gifts of God!
What delight that He gives us The Eucharist, the very Life of The Church ...
... the Life of the world!
And Jesus gives to the world His Mother, also.
Not only as Mother dues He give me to each of God's children but He gives me as The Immaculate Conception ...
... which reflects His Eternal-father.
The Gifts of God to man are most bewildering ...
... they are astonishing!
And what a Gift from God it is to realise ...
... that you are able to realise
... to recognise that you actually recognise God
... to recognise that you actually acknowledge God
... that you actually appreciate God
... for of such is the knowledge that you are God-like
... created in His Image.
These Gifts of realisation and of consciousness are phenomenal Sharings of Divinity, Itself.
These are Virtues of The Godhead.
The almightiness of these Gifts to my children can not yet be perceived fully, but soon, the eyes of the world will be opened and they will open in pure astonishment and fascinating delight.'
14-Nov-05.   His Wisdom is Absolute-knowledge.   His Wisdom is Truth.
My child. Son of The Eternal-father ...
... from Whom you issue directly
... from Whom I issue directly
... from Whom all of my Children issue directly.
The Wisdom of God!
The wonder of God!
His Wisdom is beyond our capacity - will always be beyond our capacity ...
... for we are creatures.
His Wisdom is not wisdom as we know it or perceive it.
His Wisdom is Absolute-knowledge.
His Wisdom is Truth.
His Wisdom is Jesus The Christ, my adored Son ...
... and so His Wisdom is a Person, a Divine-person
... and His Wisdom took to Himself a human body and soul
... and became Man.
Such is the stupendous Love of God ...
... The Holy Spirit
... that He creates human beings perfectly
... and rescues them when they choose imperfection
... when they chose malfunction and untruth for themselves!
Yet God's Wisdom is beyond the sinfulness of man for He overcomes this sinfulness and transforms the sinner into Saint. In this glorious transformation, made possible through The Passion, The Cross, The Death of Jesus, God makes human nature a potential Divine-nature.

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