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This is Wisdom beyond our comprehension.
As a fore-runner to human-nature uniting with Divine-nature God gave me The Immaculate Conception, a purity of nature unsurpassed, through which Wisdom might enter creation.
The Immaculate Conception, through The Passion and Cross of her adored Son, was the first to become One in Wisdom ...
... One in The Divine-nature
... One in The Christ.
This wondrous event was a Gift beyond compare to all creation and especially to mankind for God desired to give this dignity to man ...
... even to sinful man
... that man might glimpse this dignity
... and take heart
... and rejoice with Jesus.'
19-Nov-05.    His Mercy is for my children but woe, woe, woe to the children of evil - these latter will know The Justice of God
'Son. Beloved child.
How small and how charming is my little son!
Charming? Yes. Like a little babe lost in a new world - lost in the discovery of new things. New colours, shapes, sounds, feelings.
Looking and seeking - groping. Cheerful - fearful - changing moods.
But I hold my little babe in my arms enjoying his charms and being patient with his demands and frailties.
Truly, am I your Mother ...
... and Mother of all of God's Children.
What wonderful delights do I receive as Mother and what awful hurts penetrate my Heart.
As The Immaculate Conception of The Eternal-father I am enthroned on His heavenly throne; yet I too, like our Creator, am offended by the insults and defiances of man-kind around the world.
How grateful am I then, that The Mercy of God is so infinite and because of Jesus' Infinite Merits as The Son of Man, His Justice is held back ...
... and held back.
You pray for the fullness of the new Era of The Spirit and rightly so, but this will come only after The Justice of God is given full reign.
His Mercy is for my children but woe, woe, woe to the children of evil - these latter will know The Justice of God.
This Justice of God will be directed to the children of evil but the effects will be felt by all ...
... by the entire planet.
Yes, The Era of The Spirit has indeed begun but its fullness is yet to be perceived by the world.
I prepare you and I prepare all of my children so that The Justice of God is felt by them only as an external event ...
... not as a preliminary judgment.
Continue then to be expectant and patient.
Persevere son of mine. Follow your heart, which I embrace and shape and educate ,,,
... with The Truth.
It is The Truth that will protect my children when God's Justice descends upon the nations ...
... The Truth that is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.'
25-Nov-05   For my part little son, I forgive you and God also forgives you through the great Sacrament of Penance
You seek forgiveness from God, from me, from all those you have offended?
I lead you along a path whereby you are enabled to make up for your offences and failings before God and before man.
Yet of course, this does not permit you to lose respect for God or for your neighbour.
You are obliged to separate from sinfulness and from the occasions of sin and to try to compensate for past offences.
For my part little son, I forgive you and God also forgives you through the great Sacrament of Penance.
How fantastic is this Sacrament whereby a person knows that his sins are forgiven!
My adored Son Jesus The Christ, definitely gave the power to forgive sin to His Apostles who then had Christ's Own power in this miracle of miracles ...
... this Sacrament of Penance.
He gave this power to His Priests, but to everyone who participates in the Sacrament, Jesus gives great relief and joy which come from the Graces received from a good Confession.
This Sacrament, downgraded in The Church for decades, returns, and will never lose its proper place again and this place is beside The Sacrament of The Eucharist for ...
... The Eucharist and Confession are inseparable
... one completes the other.
Be then at ease, in your desire for forgiveness yet remain vigilant that you offend no-one and in seeking opportunity to balance previous offences.
Continue to pray for souls for in this you are successful and a soul saved is a friend forever ...
... a soul saved will forgive you everything.
How great is the treasure you build in The Kingdom of God when you assist in saving a soul!
Continue then, to join with me, The Immaculate Conception, in our joint effort ...
... to save souls for Jesus
... to join with my army to help souls to Eternal-glory.
Yes indeed, we do this through The Infinite Merits of Jesus.
Yet, if we did not so co-operate...
... souls would be lost to the kingdom of death.'
4-Dec-05.    In this too, they feel defeat for my Triumph for Jesus, already accomplished, makes it certain that

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