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souls are even taken from the clutches of evil
'Little son of mine.
It is Peace that we strive for, my little son and I ...
... and most people of the world.
Yet there are many who do not want peace in the world ...
... who do not want The Prince of Peace.
An army of the camel strives to maintain tension everywhere by every means, for their leaders know that the time has come for the removal of the camel from creation to his very own non-creation ...
... the kingdom of death and of horror.
Even as they realise the time will not pass without this removal, they persevere for every second ...
... so that yet another soul may be lost with them.
In this too, they feel defeat for my Triumph for Jesus, already accomplished, makes it certain that souls are even taken from the clutches of evil.
Indeed, the time God permits us on earth is to enable the greatest harvest ...
... the winning of souls for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
Let us persevere then little one, in our quest for souls.
Let us use the time available to reach out for more and more souls.
We have the means:- prayer.
We have The Power:- The Cross of Christ.
We have the living creation joining us.
We have my army across the world, in every town.
With us is the great Archangel and my beloved spouse Joseph, Father of Jesus, reflection of The Spirit of Love.
Continue little son to live your life bathed in my Immaculate Conception, wearing the mantle of peace ...
... and pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and Limbo
... and for the sinners of the world.
We build up our living army in the face of the army of death - the army of Love in the face of the army of hatred - the army of Truth in the face of the army of deception.
Be joyous for no second goes bye then I embrace yet another soul for The Saviour of all creation.
This with your assistance ...
... and the assistance of my army around the world.
Peace be with you.'
16-Dec-05.     Continue then, to seek Truth - The Truth that only The Church possesses in full as She is the pillar and foundation of The Truth that sets you free
'Son. You wear the mantle of Peace ....
... please then, walk upon the earth in Peace.
I bring you Peace. You must embrace it and hold it and radiate it.
Because I bring Peace to you, you need have no worries about how to go about obtaining Peace or of radiating Peace.
Entrust yourself to your Mother in Heaven, The Woman of Scripture ...
... The Immaculate Conception.
From moment to moment you may feel this mantle on your shoulders and this will remind you of its presence.
You become aware of it at Communion but now also be aware during the entire day.
Peace comes upon the world - already, it comes and with this Peace comes The Eternal-spirit ...
... Who grasps the present Era for Himself.
The Spirit will bring to fruition, before the entire world, the Work of The Father and the Work of The Son ...
... and so The Immaculate Conception will be recognised by all
... as will The Universal Church of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI.
Indeed, we enter a marvellous era - an Era of Harmony comparable with the Garden of Eden before the sin.
A period of Peace is given to the entire world so that every person, everywhere, may experience Truth and in living by The Goodness that precedes Truth, God's Own Love will be an intimate possibility to each ...
... and the fullness of this Love will astound the nations.
Continue then, to seek Truth - The Truth that only The Church possesses in full as She is the pillar and foundation of The Truth that sets you free ...
... that sets the world free.
Thank-you for your continued efforts for the Holy Souls. Be aware that you have great success in this ...
... for the prayers given you are powerful 
... and the heavenly Host awaits to join you, in prayer.
Little son - Peace.'
30-Dec-05.   My children constitute The Living Creation on earth, The Church
'Son of God - my son. Little beloved.
Peace comes upon you - The Peace of Life.
This Peace you must embrace and radiate, everywhere.
I will lad you to this.
Your wonderful Guardian Angel will teach you this.
Your great Friend Assunta and all your especial patrons given you by Heaven, will assist you.
In the Light of my Immaculate Conception will you radiate Peace ...
... The Peace that is Christ Himself
... my adored Son.
Yes, my Son comes upon the earth. He comes in The Eucharist of The Church where He will be recognised by all as ...
... The Peace for the world.
His Presence in The Eucharist will become an accepted fact by all the nations ...
... and in this recognition
... in this Era of The Eucharist
... will blossom The Era of Love and Harmony.

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