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It will also prove my Triumph for Jesus and so will be - also - the Era of The Woman ...
... the era of The Woman and her children
... who are to be the light for the world.
My children constitute The Living Creation on earth, The Church, and it is She, in her children, who will be the light for the world.
Therefore son, reach out for Peace for The Lord comes to you.
I bless you in the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.
Continue to look towards the great Angel and towards Joseph, my husband ...
... and praise The Holy Trinity
... for ever.'
11-Jan-06.   Their prayer is heard, for their prayer comes on the wings of sufferings and hopes
'Son. Son of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, keep in mind your lowly stature before the world and that you are assisting in the saving of a multitude of souls.
My army is great and resplendent before The Creator and before creation ...
... the army that has conquered evil.
Yet, be patient for Our Father's proclamation of this Triumph for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
All is well, tiny son. Trust me and do not rely on what you see around the world, for Truth has gained the ascendancy everywhere and Goodness is welcomed by the nations and peoples, and Love - true Love - is sought by the great majority.
So, my children number in the billions and their prayer comes before the Throne of God.
Their prayer is heard, for their prayer comes on the wings of sufferings and hopes.
Their prayer comes out from their hearts in spite of their desperate situations when many might have lost heart.
It is The Spirit of Love and Harmony that gives impulse to their prayer.
He moves across the world toughing hearts everywhere and preparing them for the fullness of His Era ...
... which has already begun.
He brings joy and delight to the hearts of my children everywhere and His Harmony is already felt by them even in their suffering and in their dying moments.
The Grace of Christ's Passion and Cross spreads across every nation and is moving every race and creed giving an expectancy of wonderful things to come.
I thank you, son, for your loyalty and I thank every child of mine especially those children of The Rosary who maintain alliance with our Pope and who perceive Jesus in The Eucharist ...
... Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity.
1-Feb-06   Let us adore The Christ Whose Triumph on The Cross is the ultimate Triumph from which evil is conquered
'Little, little son - I embrace you, in love ...
... for I love you.
Yes, in The Love of God do I embrace you, but also do I recognise, acknowledge and appreciate you ...
... I care for you as a Mother her son, as a Queen her warrior, as a spouse her spouse.
You know this in your intellect and sometimes you realise this in your heart ...
... and sometimes you seem to forget the great companionship we have, you and I.
That is OK for you remain in the world and the black cloud of evil still clings to the things of creation ...
... to the minds and souls of peoples and nations.
This black cloud is over-due to be lifted and removed forever to its place of death.
Evil knows its defeat and frantically prepares for the final moment so that he may leave the seeds of evil in the world.
And this he has already done but he will not prevent a great era of peace, of Love and Harmony, where The Universal Church is the light for the world.
The removal of the black cloud is already happening around the world and across creation and its final moment is ever-present, awaiting only The Father's proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus The Church, my adored Son ...
... The Triumph of The Immaculate Conception.
This Triumph is shared by all of my children but in a very special way, it is shared ...
... by the great Patriarch Joseph, my husband, father of Jesus, Patron of The Universal Church, perfectly reflecting The Eternal-spirit
... by the unique Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Raphael, wonder of all creation, reflecting The Holy Trinity.
Yes, my Triumph is their Triumph. Their Triumph is my Triumph ...
... made possible only on the Infinite Merits of The Christ, the Sacrificial Lamb of God, Who opens the book sealed to everyone else.
Let us adore The Christ Whose Triumph on The Cross is the ultimate Triumph from which evil is conquered.
Praise and glory to The Lamb, our Sacrifice to God ...
... our Penance before God.
Let us join The Lamb at Golgotha and make our own personal offerings, joining Him, consoling Him, delighting Him. Amen.'
3-Feb-06.   In this way The Godhead is reflected in all creation, perfectly
'Little son, thank you for your great devotion to The Immaculate Conception ...
... to the great Patriarch, Joseph]
... to the unique Archangel
... and to all the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls.
This devotion is most appropriate in this Era of Love and Harmony, the third Era following that of The Father and that of The Son.
It is appropriate to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate my Immaculate Conception, St. Joseph and The Archangel, for we have a great deal in common ...
... we perfectly reflect The Godhead

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