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... I, The Eternal-father
... Joseph, The Eternal-spirit
... The Archangel, The Holy Trinity.
With my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Joseph and I reflect The Holy Trinity in the physical creation.
In this way The Godhead is reflected in all creation, perfectly.
God is reflected in everything He creates being brought into existence in The Father, through The Son by The Holy Spirit and so, everything reflects The Godhead, from the most basic fabric of creation to The Christ., Himself.
Thus is dignity given to creation ...
... but especially to The Archangel
... and to Jesus, Joseph and myself.
This dignity is only dignity, as you perceive, because it reflects The Godhead.
Yet as I 'say', all creation reflects The Creator and so we creatures must respect the Works of God ...
... which of course gives honour and glory to Him.
If this respect for everything that is created gives Him glory then respect for Joseph and The Archangel gives Him so much greater glory.
It is for this reason that I 'mention' that the world must recognise, acknowledge and appreciate my Immaculate Conception, it being a great Gift of God to creation.
Yes, when the world respects what God had created in His most perfect reflection, then the world has grown to maturity and the height of The Era of Love will have been reached.'
17-Feb-06    Be patient for God does keep control and your efforts do have results, even though it would appear otherwise.
'Little son.
Yes, thank you for allowing me to communicate with you.
You must be in Peace.
It is Peace - I
say it again - that is needed in your soul, in your very person.
Wear the Mantle of Peace given you by my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, for Whom we were created.
You will understand what this Mantle means shortly, so do not be concerned that it is given to you and you do not see the reason.
You will be given more and more fullness of The Truth in accordance with your capacity ...
... and you credibility.
I lead you along my path ...
... The Path of The Immaculate Conception.
This is a path of delight that it lit by Truth and by Goodness and by Love.
The most Holy Trinity conquers all, as you know, and God certainly has all things working for the salvation of billions of souls ...
... through of course, Jesus' Infinite Merits
... and the merits of The Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.
My beautiful and most numerous children around the world add their merits to that of Jesus and great glory is given to God.
Do not be deceived that evil still seems to reign in the world.
Evil is conquered -
The Woman has defeated the red dragon even though it seems to still wield so much authority.
The time remaining for evil dwindles in The Will of The Eternal-father Who reaches out for many, many souls and so, the confirmation of my victory will be all the more astonishing.
Be patient for God does keep control and your efforts do have results, even though it would appear otherwise.
Persevere in the lights of my immaculateness, of Truth and of Harmony.'
23-Feb-06   How grand is the Priesthood of Christ and the Sacraments dispensed thereby!
'Little son.
At ease, my son.
I always forgive you for I imitate our Creator Who forgives every sin, even the most horrendous.
Yet I do not forgive sins as my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Who forgives by the very Power of God ...
... He being God
... just as Priests forgive sins in sharing the Priesthood of Christ and so, the powers of the Priesthood.
How grand is the Priesthood of Christ and the Sacraments dispensed thereby!
How grand is The Church for She gives Priests and Sacraments to the world ...
... to creation
... and so, sharing Christ Himself
... and His Infinite Merits
... and the very Virtues of God
... Goodness, Truth, Love.
Praise God - to praise Him is a joyous thing.
Let us, you and I, praise The Holy Trinity. Let us, as companions, consecrate ourselves to the praising of The Godhead and His Living-creation.
Let all of my children around the world join in consecrating ourselves in praising God ...
... in recognising, acknowledging and appreciating God and His Saviour.
This is what God created us to do for in doing this, we take a Share of The Godhead ...
... as God desires.
This is God's Plan - to raise my children, the children of The Woman of Scripture, to participate in God's Goodness and in His Power and in His Knowledge ...
... in His Life.
And so Jesus became a Son-of-man for The Son-of-God issues directly from The Father ...
... as does the person of each of my children.
Jesus, becoming Man, raises the person of each of my children to divine Heights. Thus, sharing in The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, The Universal Church, means we are enabled to gain Eternal-life with Him.'
2-Mar-06    I said 'yes' to the Archangel on behalf of all creation

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