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'Son of mine. Yes - son of The Immaculate Conception.
Jesus, The Christ, is my Son and I, His Mother, am His Mother given to Him by The Eternal-father by the Love of The Spirit.
But also am I His Mother on behalf of all of the living-creation ...
... for I represent creation.
I said 'yes' to the Archangel on behalf of all creation ...
... on your behalf, my son
... and particularly on behalf of my children of the Holy Rosary.
As the new Eve of creation I welcomed the new Adam into my womb and into His Own creation ...
... all of which resulted from my Immaculate Conception
... given to me - also - on behalf of all creation.
Because my adored Son gave me to His Father's children from The Cross, I am Mother of His Children everywhere in every age ...
... and being Mother of God's Children I share with them all that I have including my Immaculate Conception, my Motherhood and my Queenship.
Especially with my tiny son do I share all that I am and all that I have, but also with all of my children around the world.
I thank you, my tiny son, for being a child of mine and sharing what I offer and for following along the pathway of The Immaculate ...
... which leads to Jesus Himself
... which leads to the new Era of The Spirit of Love and Harmony
... which leads to The Heart of The Universal Church.'
31-Mar-06.  The Eternal-father will, all the more - the longer you persevere - bring you greater delights as the fullness of The Era of Peace unfolds.
'Little son of The Immaculate Conception.
Do not be concerned of what those who read these words, think about them.
No. Write my 'words' down as accurately as you can. I am happy with the words you have written - you are a creature still subject to sin and I do not look for perfection and absolute fullness of what I convey to you.
This perfection and fullness does come out of what you write, and come forth over a period so that what might be missed today is brought to mind another day.
Be at ease with this for I would not have things any other way at this point in time.
You and all of my children must, for a little longer, remain under the clouds of evil, although you know the sun shines brilliantly.
Persevere then, along the path I lead you and contain your impatience and retain your trust in me.
The Eternal-father will, all the more - the longer you persevere - bring you greater delights as the fullness of The Era of Peace unfolds.
Take heart in this - that The Era of Peace, i.e. The Era of The Eternal-spirit, has begun.
It would seem otherwise from world reports but these reports are ignorant of the Peace that The Spirit spreads in hearts, everywhere. Nor do they recognise the masses that return to The Lord in faith and love.
These reports take no account of the movement within The Universal Church as She recovers from the awful onslaught of the camel over the past many decades.
The Church experiences wonderful growth in Her limbs and healing over all Her Body. Her beauty blossoms everywhere and Her light becomes powerful and will soon become The Light for the world.
There are movements, everywhere - little actions, little growths - as though a sleeping giant awakens and stretches its muscles and fortifies itself for the coming dawn.
Be sure of this little son, for The Victory of Golgotha is about to resurface in a profound way - an exhilarating way - for the good of mankind ...
... for the wonder of all peoples and all nations.'
2-May-06   The Spirit's Era which will bring Peace around the world for a very long period
'Little son. Beloved.
Thank-you for persevering along my immaculate Way to my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
You are finding the Peace I have brought you, but this Peace will proceed to consume you.
Be at ease with this for we move on and we now reach a new stage of our journey together and we are now so much closer to the fulfilment of The Spirit's Era which will bring Peace around the world for a very long period ...
... a Peace that will shine upon The Universal Church and from Her to all peoples
... and so, Harmony will reign.
We may look forward to an early indication of the Triumph of The Immaculate Conception ...
... which is really, the Triumph of The Eternal-father
... Whom I but reflect.
This Triumph leads to Jesus' continuing Triumph but fulfilled to a new height in His Church ...
... and from these issue the fullness of The Spirit's era.
From now on we must prepare for this in a more urgent way and be ready for the cleansing that must first occur and the removal of the debris left by that cleansing.
The world will then face a new period as in a new Garden of Eden where the new Adam and Eve will prevail and remain true to our Creator and Redeemer.
Praise to Christ, The King ...
... He for Whom only, were we created.
Praise to The Eternal-father, Source of all Good.
Praise to The Spirit of Love and Harmony Who gives impulse and energy to The Father's Work and to The Son's design and purpose.
Thank-you Father; thank-you Son; thank-you Spirit.'
5-May-06    Even in Peace on earth, difficulties will remain.
'My little child - little son of God ...
... how I love you.
Be not surprised that I should express great love for you, for I am given great Graces from our God ...

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