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... through my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
Therefore, I love with the greatest fervour.
Therefore, I share such great Love from and of God ...
... The Spirit Himself.
You, being a special little warrior of mine, I hold you so close to my Mother's heart as I lead you along my Way to Jesus; the Way of The Immaculate Conception.
My love for you is tender and warm for we have achieved much between us, for our Saviour and Lord.
Indeed, I congratulate you on reaching this wonderful point of our journey together.
It has been difficult and treacherous but have I not given you great comfort and great delight?
We are at that point of the journey where I must open your insight as to what lies ahead ...
... the good and the difficult.
Yes, there remain difficulties - there will be no difficulties in Heaven, but you are not there yet.
Even in Peace on earth, difficulties will remain. Yes, none that will disturb the Peace but those that help purify the soul.
As well, we come to the cleansing of the world, of evil and of the evil spirits, when great difficulties will have to be faced. But fear not, for I will enlighten all of my children as to how each should maintain himself, his family and friends.
I will open their minds and souls to what is required and what is not required.
Still, you should prepare for this time, for courage will be needed - and fortitude and patience ...
... out of which will dawn a new sunrise - a new day - a new heavens - a new earth
... clean and innocent and invigorated
... filled with the fullness of the Gifts God gave to Adam and Eve.
Be very confident therefore, as you proceed hand in hand with your Mother, The Woman of Scripture.'
11-May-06     How grand it is to be steadfast - such as was the first Pope, Peter, the Rock
'Little son - again, thank-you.
Thank you for your loyalty which remains a distinct part of your character even when you fail in many things!
God has given you this Gift - this Gift of loyalty ...
... which is the great virtue of The Archangel.
Even in his unique beauty, power and glory - unequalled in all creation - The Archangel remained loyal to his Creator.
On the other hand you, in your weakness, unattractiveness and lowliness, also retain your loyalty not only to your Mother - to her Immaculate Conception - but also to The Christ, Jesus, my adored Son, and to The Holy Trinity.
Let us thank God for this wonderful Gift.
And thank you for expressing an inner appreciation for my special assistance to you in maintaining this loyalty.
How grand it is to be steadfast - such as was the first Pope, Peter, the Rock.
Even he was weak in his witnessing for Jesus when He was in throes of His Passion - yet his inner trait of loyalty remained in spite of his temporary weakness of the body.
And his loyalty compelled him to repent and to receive immediate forgiveness.
The loyalty of my adored Son at Gethsemane when His human Will rebelled, came to the fore when He cried out to The Eternal-father
Your Will. Not mine.
Retain this strength, little son - this trait of loyalty for it is a sure sign of Salvation for those whose loyalty is for God - for his neighbour ...
... for Truth
... for Love
... for Goodness.
Yes son, how grand are God's Gifts to man ...
... but His Gifts to my children are eternal.
The supreme Gift of a share in Divinity with Jesus, is the incomprehensible reward for The Faithful.
Persevere and be blest before God.'
25-May-06   Yet He, being The Person of The Son of God, His Humanity was given a nature of divinity
'Son of The Eternal-father ...
... a right you have been given
... through Jesus, The Christ
... through His Passion - His Cross.
Jesus won for us the right to be called
Children of God, a right we had lost at Eden.
This is so because Jesus is truly a member of the human race - truly a creature, like us.
Yet He, being The Person of The Son of God, His Humanity was given a nature of divinity.
This is how, when we become members of His Mystical Body, The Universal Church, we gain eternal-life ...
... for we gain this
... in Him.
Because of His Humanity being possessed by The Son and because we join in this Humanity ...
... we assume His Divinity
... we share His Divinity.
Well may we stand astonished before The Divine-will, that God should give man so much dignity ...
... the very dignity of Divinity
... shared in Christ.
My Immaculate Conception is a foretaste of this Divinity for in this Conception I was made a perfect reflection of The Eternal-father, in creation ...
... while Jesus is the perfection Reflection of The Father, in eternity.
In this Conception I was modelled on The Son Himself and so became eligible, so to speak, to become The Mother of The Son ...
... The Woman of Scripture
... Co-redemptrix.
So, I am able, by God's Grace, to call all His Children
my Children and to gather them all into the Light of my Immaculate Conception ...

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