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... in my own Triumph for Jesus
... made possible only though His Infinite Merits
... through the complete Victory of The Cross of Golgotha.
How truly wondrous is The Will of God Who so loves His Children! Who so loves His little handmaid.'
8-Jun-06    The Son of God - my Son - took the name:- Son of Man
'Son of God and son of The Woman.
It delights me that you delight in this title of mine -
Woman of Scripture.
The Son of God - my Son - took the name:- Son of Man.
That name was given to The Messiah in the time of the Old Testament.
Yes Jesus The Christ, is my Son.
Because I represent mankind in my Womanhood and in my Motherhood (and so reflect The Eternal-father) Jesus embraces the name ...
... Son of Man.
He is a creature - truly a creature, even as He is The Creator ...
... for He has taken the flesh and the soul of a creature. How astonishing is The Work of God that he should become one of us and one with us, so that we might become ...
... One in Him.'
(Did not finish - interruption)
14-Jun-06.    The days do seem to drag on and the world still seems dominated by evil
'Son of The Immaculate Conception.
Let me 'say' to you - be, in Peace.
Spend your day in Peace - in the Peace of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
Be patient, child. Be persevering.
I am not asking many and heroic things of you except to persevere in patience ...
... in Peace.
Enjoy Peace - it is Jesus-with-you.
It is Jesus-with-the-world.
Be very assured that I have triumphed - The Woman has Triumphed.
There are no great trumpet sounds to hail my victory.
There are no celebrations around the world ...
... for who knows of my Triumph for Jesus?
It is The Eternal-father Himself Who will announce my victory and Who will call all peoples to come to Jesus.
He will give each and every person the chance to repent and go to His Embrace.
No one - no person - will have an excuse then, should he refuse this Embrace.
Be content that I share my Triumph with you before-hand (and to those of my especial children).
With this knowledge can you then...
... be in Peace?
The days do seem to drag on and the world still seems dominated by evil ...
... but not so.
No. There are signs everywhere that The Universal Church is awakening as if from a sleep.
The Church is refreshed after Her long turmoil with evil and She is being invigorated as She hastens to end the conflict.
I say 'hastens' for while the days drag on, in fact massive changes for The Truth are happening everywhere.
My son, I will be pleased to surprise you with this information - Goodness is prevailing; Divine-love moves across the face of the earth.'
23-Jun-06   My gratitude to my adored Son was equal to my anguish and my recognition of Salvation was equal to my breaking heart
'My son, the little straw-of-God.
Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, gives you His Peace.
His Peace He gives to you.
At my hands, does He give you this Peace.
Through my Immaculate Conception, He gives you Peace.
Through my co-operation with His Father in Heaven, Jesus gives you His Peace ...
... He gives you Himself.
He gave Himself to creation when He entered my womb-of-a-virgin and so from me and through me, He became The Son of Man.
I gave Him to creation.
At Golgotha I gave Him to The Father for the salvation of mankind.
There, I shared His suffering and Cross for He is blood and flesh of my blood and flesh - my adored Son.
My agony in seeing Him tortured and killed, the agony of a mother and disciple, was enough to tear my Heart apart. Yet I knew this was to be and I co-operated in His Passion with the words of the Prophet in my soul 'They pierced my hands and my feet. They numbered all of my bones',
Thus did I give my Son up to death but knowing this was to be, made my terror no less and it was for me to deliver, so to speak, my own Child to the torturer.
Knowing my Child would rise from the dead, did not console me during His Passion, for my human heart felt His Passion and recoiled in stricken-love and painful horror.
But I also knew that His Passion and Cross was to save all creation for the Kingdom of God, so that every single one of my children would become forever, a child of God.
My gratitude to my adored Son was equal to my anguish and my recognition of Salvation was equal to my breaking heart.
The Courage of my Son gave me courage - His total determination gave me determination - His obedience encouraged my own obedience.
He did not fail His Father in Heaven and I did not fail Him.]
I will not fail any of my children and so a child of mine who comes to me for a mother's help will always find help.'

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