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27-Jun-06    My little son, I love you. It is The very Love of God that energises our union for Jesus
'Little, little son.
Feel my love for you - it is so strong and vibrant, for you are so small and insignificant and yet contribute so much in saving souls for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Be confident, son. Be content in your position of smallness and ignorance.
Yes, I 'tell' you so very much but as you realise, the more you know the more you realise you don't know.
But I will 'tell' you of all that is necessary for you and my children everywhere.
Be also assured that your Mother, The Immaculate Conception, is always ready to help you, in every way, as well as all of my children ...
... as The Eternal-father desires.
Do not concern yourself with wealth and power - that is not yet for you. That time is ahead.
Now, it is necessary to wait upon The Holy Spirit Who works around the world on individuals and on nations and peoples ...
... remembering that it is God Himself Who saves creation
... even as He relies on the support of His Children.
Do not yet look for miracles but instead embrace the day-to-day hassles and problems that God allows to be placed on your shoulders.
Be pleased that these little burdens require no heroism that the world applauds. They require a special heroism that is available only to my Children ...
... a heroism that is most pleasing to God.
This heroism requires faithfulness and perseverance with what God allows to confront you.
Bear always in mind that God has won over evil - has always won - continues to win ...
... for there was never any possibility that evil should conquer.
God even now, proceeds in His Victory which He shares with His Children ...
... with me and my especial warriors.
We proceed you and I, along the Immaculate Way ...
... in prayer
... in joy and delight
... in triumph
... and in patience and in Peace.
My little son, I love you. It is The very Love of God that energises our union for Jesus.'
30-Jun-06   ... ensuring that great masses of children are prepared for Heaven
'My son - so agitated; so unsettled ...
... when I bring you Peace?
When I bring you Harmony?
Persevere little one. As a little warrior of mine, it is my most earnest desire that you soldier on.
Expect many things that will agitate you! Expect them, and be ready to cling to The Peace that is Jesus, The Christ., Himself, my adored Son.
Do not allow the little disharmonies, the little upsets, to part you from The Tranquillity that I bring you ...
... The very Tranquillity of God.
Remember that you are not being asked to shoulder great crosses - just these little annoyances in little things.
Let this Tranquillity absorb you as you walk along the Way I lead you ...
... The Way of The Immaculate Conception.
My motherly embrace is always - always - there for you to flee to should agitation become too much.
Remember these little trials are being asked of you ...
... that you accept them - embrace them
... for they are avenues of great Grace
... which strengthens you
... which prepares you for the times ahead.
Be also aware of the Gifts God pours upon you and be absolutely confident that we have already won the conflict ...
... the red dragon is defeated.
Walk along my Way, aware of this Triumph of The Woman of Scripture and enjoy tremendous hope for the future ...
... the near future
... the distant future.
I will not let you be ignorant of what transpires. Be not concerned then, for any preparation required will be known by you.
Time is on our side.
Because The Triumph is a fact, God deals with my children and with the world, in time and space ....
... ensuring that great masses of children are prepared for Heaven.
I am with you.'
5-Jul-06.  Continue along the Way I lead you and you will always feel...
... my love
'Son of mine - truly, son of The Immaculate Conception ...
... of The Woman of Scripture.
I am happy to be your Mother, given to you by my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, from His Cross at Golgotha.
Yes, I am happy because you assist me in my Triumph for Jesus, together with all of my beautiful children in every nation around the world.
Yet I would be happy to be your Mother anyway, for our great God - the Only-God - gives tremendous dignity to His Children, as witness by His taking flesh and blood to become the Son of Man. Jesus became a creature, yet He assumed the creature-hood of man - not of any other creature, beautiful as they are.
This is dignity indeed, yet man was given tremendous dignity from the first day of Adam, for Adam was made in the image o God.

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