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Here lies dignity beyond your comprehension and this dignity is centred about the very person of Adam who was given a human body and soul.
This person of Adam resembles The Person of The Son of God to a precision limited only by his creature-hood ...
... The Person of The Son being intricate to The Holy Trinity
... the person of Adam, reflecting perfectly The Son's Person, remains that - a person of a creature.
Nevertheless, the person of Adam and of all of my children, issues directly from The Eternal-father, as does Jesus'.
Yet my son, I am happy to be your Mother for the reasons of your own virtues also, for God appreciates steadfastness and perseverance in the search for Goodness, Truth and Love.
Your sinfulness does detract from your virtues, and your perseverance in spite of your setbacks, is pleasing to our almighty Creator ...
... and so, to me.
Continue to seek Peace and Harmony.
Continue to look to the fullness of The Era of The Eucharist.
Continue along the Way I lead you and you will always feel...
... my love.'

18-Jul-06.   Thank you for remaining true to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and as well, to my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart
'Little son of The Beloved.
I bring you Peace ...
... and so I bring you joy and delight
... and strength and wisdom.
Yes, for true Peace is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Jesus is truly God - He is The Son - The Person of The Holy Trinity ...
... made Man.
It is true. The Person of The Son took to Himself a human body and a human soul ...
... raising the basic human dignity to a divine Sphere
... making His Body and Soul adorable.
So it is that we adore The Son of God ...
... as well as The Son of Man.
So it is that I, The Immaculate Conception, adore The Son of God, my Son.
So it is that The Universal Church encourages adoration of Jesus' Sacred Heart and His sacred Wounds as well as other features of His physical Body and Soul.
So it is that, by this, a greater recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of The Son is gained for the Christian who so venerates my Son.
As it is impossible to totally appreciate The whole Christ, one can only look upon The God-man from every possible angle and in every possible sphere, attempting from day to day and forever, to gain greater insight into His Divinity and His Humanity.
The Christian who takes this path of holiness is rewarded with Grace upon Grace and his knowledge of The Creator and of creation constantly grows ...
... to his great delight and astonishment.
Thank you for remaining true to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and as well, to my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.
Thank you for remaining true to the most chaste Heart of Joseph, my spouse, who reflects The Spirit of Love so perfectly.
Thank you for remaining true to The Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael.
Peace and Love.'
28-Jul-06   Hold my outstretched hand and Let's walk together along this Way
'My beloved son - I greet you. I salute you, my tiny warrior - my little straw that broke the camel's back.
Certainly I do - I, The Immaculate Conception.
Again - still - I bring you Peace ...
  ... I take you to Peace
... to The Prince of Peace
... my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation.
The world is shortly to know peace and indeed, to know Peace, for The Church must become the Light for the world, drawing all peoples into Her embrace.
Yes - all peoples ...
... for Truth will become obvious to each and everyone
... The Truth concerning Jesus
... The Truth concerning g His Church
... His vicar on earth, the Pope.
The Truth of The Universal Church, The Word of Christ, will become accepted by all nations without exception.
This, for a thousand years.
Therefore my son, you may look forward to this Peace during which The Sacred Eucharist of The Church will be a continuous Source of wonderment - of worship - of delight.
Devotion to the glorious Archangel will be evident everywhere as also to my beloved Spouse, Joseph, who reflects perfectly The Spirit of Love and Harmony ...
... Whose Era we have entered.
Because of the reality - perceived by all - of The Church Suffering and The Church Triumphant as One with The Church Militant on earth, devotion to all Angels, Saints and Holy Souls will be the norm, for the obvious reality will bring a closeness never before known.
The Mystical Body of Jesus The Church, will indeed be One in Love ...

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