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... in Truth
... in Goodness
... in His Infinite Merits.
Yes a glorious time looms before you; before the world.
Be patient - be persevering.
Hold my outstretched hand and Let's walk together along this Way ...
... this Way to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.'
10-Aug-06  Look upon the people that come your way from day to day and observe them as persons issuing directly from The Eternal-father
"Little son of mine.
Thank you for belonging to me, The Immaculate Conception ...
... for I belong also, to you.
There is a greater belonging between us little son, for we particularly share a work for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
We, you and I, are carrying out this duty, this work of pleasure and delight for the furthering of The Kingdom of God.
We work to save souls.
Be content with your present station in life, therefore. You may feel restricted and forced to do what you may not desire, but remember you are on my pathway which leads to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Do not look for this pathway with your eyes or your senses but look beyond in the spirit, placing yourself in the transcendent view of The Christ at Golgotha ...
... where the victory over evil was totally accomplished
... needing only time and space to reach fulfilment.
We, my army and I, with the Patriarch St. Joseph and the Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, co-operate in this total victory, already achieved on Golgotha.
Bear this in mind during your daily activities - that you really are on my pathway even as your actions seem so mundane or repetitive.
I really, really, need you and your daily actions which are in reality, innumerable prayers because of your consecration to me.
Because of this consecration, your daily actions are part of this and so, become prayer before God.
Do not despise the little things you do - the little chores that come your way.
Look upon the people that come your way from day to day and observe them as persons issuing directly from The Eternal-father, striving towards immortality in The Godhead.
Let your service to each one be a prayer for each - a prayer for his salvation.
You will not know the good that will be availed of by your prayers but you may be certain that Goodness is accessed for these people.
Hold on to hope for Peace for the world. Hold on to my outstretched hand."
17-Aug-06.   How very aware is He of my Children, those who follow His Son.
'Son. You come to me with a question and my answer is Peace.
I bring you Jesus, The Christ, Peace for the world.
Walk in Peace, for you are my beloved and I will always guide you from day to day ...
... moment to moment.
Yes, The Almighty speaks to you through others ...
... especially good Priests
... real-Priests.
The Church speaks to you daily, through the Pope and His Bishops ...
... through Scripture and Tradition
... through every possible avenue.
Listen to The Almighty in all these ways ...
... as you listen to me
... with your heart.
It is to your heart I speak - to your very person which issues directly from The Eternal-father, in image of The Son, by The Love of The Spirit.
Yes, learn from every source that God places in your daily life ...
... what to do
... what not to do
... for coincidence is an unknown thing to God.
God is aware.
He is aware.
Aware of His entire creation and of every creature and of every movement of every creature ...
... of every minute action of each basic fabric of creation.
How very aware is He of my Children, those who follow His Son ...
... in obedience to The Vicar of Christ
... adoring Jesus in The Sacrament-of-sacraments
... giving honour to His Saints, Angels and Holy Souls.
As you realise, Jesus recognises most those who recognise His great Gifts from His Father ...
... His Mother; His Father, Joseph; His triune Angel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael."
25-Aug-2006   Continue along our pathway, the Way of The Immaculate Conception, the highway to world peace
'Son. Beloved son, where in you is The Peace I bring you?
Yes, it is there in the depths of your soul but you must let me fill you with this Peace, so that it overflows upon those around you.
My Triumph for Jesus brings, in these times, Peace to the whole world and this Peace first of all, blossoms in my children especially my Children of The Holy Rosary ...

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