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... because these Children also recognise, acknowledge and appreciate my adored Son in The Sacrament of Sacraments
... and are obedient to the Vicar of Christ, the Pope in Rome.
Continue along our pathway, the Way of The Immaculate Conception, the highway to world peace.
Come little son, you know I hold your hand, even as you should remain meek in the world.
The many little crosses that come your way - and yes, some of them are not so 'little' - are building your spiritual strength ...
... but also your physical and mental strength
... and mounts higher and higher your treasure in The Kingdom.
Still there remain great numbers of souls looking for help from my children.
Souls in Purgatory and Limbo - souls around the world.
God does not forget you, son. He has in mind your needs and He works these in with the needs of the world - the needs of the Holy Souls.
Suffering as you have claimed, yourself, is a source of great Grace and humble and loving embrace of the suffering allowed upon you and yours, is a prayer beyond comparison ...
... joining beautifully with the Suffering of Jesus, The Christ,
... and my own agonies
... but also the agonies of all of my children.
What power for Good, issues from these sufferings!
What power for Truth and for Love!
In spite of the turmoil around the world and even in The Church ...
... God's Plan of Love moves perfectly forward.
Time and space are on the side of The Almighty Who only allows the camel to have a presence in creation because through him and his awful horde, God brings greater mercy and forgiveness to the suffering.'
31-Aug-06   you should have every confidence in the future
'My son. Son of mine.
It is a delight to me that you are my son. I can observe that it is a delight to you that I am your Mother but I would have you know that I too, delight in you.
Yes, I know your faults and frailties, but I also know your desires for God ...
... for His Will.
I perceive how you love His Will even as you have a holy fear of It. You stand in awe and trepidation of The Almighty's Will.
This is an outcome of your humanity, fearing the unknown future yet not wanting to know too much about it!
The Cross - The Passion - of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, has infinite Merits of which you share and so ...
... you should have every confidence in the future.
I, in my being The Immaculate Conception, have especial regard for you, for my children, and I would have you look to the future with great faith in ...
... The Love of God
... which is poured out upon the world
... being Peace and Truth and Goodness.
Yes, even in calamities my children must walk in trust and in joy, knowing that God's Will draws them to eternal delight with Him.
This delight we already feel, you and I, my children and I, as a foretaste of the Wonders of God's Presence.]
Therefore, let this delight shine from you, from moment to moment.
Enjoy the moment - share the moment.]
And praise The Eternal-father's divine Will ...
... which seeks only joy for creation
... only Truth and Love
... only perfect fulfilment.'
15-Sep-06   Fortunate are we creatures of God who will attain to The Sight of God
'Son of God - son of The Woman of Scripture.
You are such a son, little one - son of The Woman.
Indeed, you are amongst the first to be so known by me, for as I say, I take delight in your thoughts about me as being The Woman of Scripture.
This title, as the title The Immaculate Conception, will become common-place in The Era of Peace.
These titles however, are more then that - titles - they are what I am.
So I am not only known as The Woman of Scripture but I am in reality, this Woman. I am she just as I am The Immaculate Conception.
These describe what I am ...
... what has been given to me
... the glory God has lavished upon me.
As you know God's titles are what He is.
He is Goodness - Goodness is God.
He is Truth - Truth is God.
He is Love - Love is God.
How exquisite is this!
So that The Goodness in you, is God in you ...
... or The Truth
... or The Love.
So does God not only share His Existence but His Divine-virtues with us, His creatures.
Even so does He share His freedom in providing us with freewill.
So also does He share the Way to Eternal-delight in Him, through The Commandments and through The Universal Church, given us because of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Fortunate are we creatures of God who will attain to The Sight of God ...
... where our immortal freedom is fulfilled

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