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... where our freewill is ever renewed in the recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of The Holy Trinity, His Christ and all the Angels and Saints.
Praise God; to praise Him is a joyful thing.
22-Sep-06   the saving of the Holy Souls from Purgatory and Limbo
'Son of mine. Son of Assunta whom you call Princess of Heaven.
Indeed, Assunta is a Princess of Heaven. I confirm your hopes in this regard, so that not only in your eyes, but in the Eyes of God, is this Saint a Princess of Heaven.
Thank you for your devotion to this beloved one of mine.
I am The Immaculate Conception and I was (and am) delighted to share this created purity with the Princess so that her wonderful humility was accompanied by a goodness that reflects the very Goodness of God, in a particular and happy way.
It is Assunta who gave you the prayer The Prayer of the Signs of the Cross and it is she who works around the world promoting what this prayer stands or ...
... the saving of the Holy Souls from Purgatory and Limbo
... the baptism of the unbaptised
... the securing of souls on earth
... for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
It is Assunta around whom the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls gather, to join you in this prayer ...
... to join all those who so pray.
I say the Living Creation joins you - all of the Living Creation.
Be in Peace, for this Peace comes upon the world as The Church begs from The Eternal-father ...
deliver us from evil.
This deliverance is not only from the evil-one-personified but from the evil that has resulted from Original Sin and the sins of all peoples and nations since.
Truly it will be a world of Peace and Harmony occupied by The Eternal-spirit
... a new Garden of Eden
... wherein the new-Adam and the new-Eve will delight in the pleasures given us by our Creator
... as represented by The Universal Church.
... and She will remain faithful regarding the new temptation from the man of inequity, bringing about the Second Coming of Jesus.'
26-Sep-06   It is a beautiful thing that God required that my Victory be made possible only with and through my beloved
'Peace to you, little son.
Be assured that Peace does come upon the world and signs are everywhere to be seen, from the Pope himself to every aspect of human life.
Yes, not all signs of this Peace are seen by you but this is because of your limitations.
God's Work is evident everywhere and His Peace issues upon all nations ...
... beginning in the hearts of my children
... especially my children of The Rosary.
It is The Immaculate Conception that is the catalyst for this Peace. It is my Victory for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
This Victory has taken place even if the rewards for the Victory are yet to be pronounced by The Eternal-father when the camel will be despatched to his awful kingdom with all his deathly horde.
Proceed with your intention of saving souls, my little Straw-of-God and be confident in your Mother and her Victory.
It is a beautiful thing that God required that my Victory be made possible only with and through my beloved children around the world, for this is a result of God's total requirement that man have freewill.
It is this same freewill by which some of God's creatures choose to attend upon the camel and to join him in his kingdom of hatred!
How certain is the freewill of man! How total!
So serious is the life of man!
Even though he be given every thing he possesses, what he does with these innumerable gifts is his responsibility and through responsible obedience to God's Commandments, man is enabled to gain a share in Divinity ...
... in The Mystical Body of Christ
... sharing in Jesus' Divinity as Son of God
... joined with The Immaculate Conception, the Patriarch St. Joseph, and the Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.'
28-Sep-06.   Thank you, Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, Warriors of The Lord
'Son, so tiny - like a babe!
Be at Peace with this and in yourself - with what I 'say' to you.
You may think yourself experienced in the matters of the world in your decades, but your spirit is of a little child and your ignorance of this is a part of your real humility.
Yes, you are faulty as a creature of God's but you repent and seek perfection before God ...
.... following as you do, The Immaculate Conception
... seeking souls for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
True, you are not like a great Saint at all, as I lead you to a life that appears to be of no importance whatsoever!
Be content with the situation I have brought you to ...
... yes, I have brought you to this point.
Thank you for persevering along The Way I have asked of you and for your attendance to my requests, for The Mother and her little son do indeed prepare the world for its new Era of Peace.
This is part of my Triumph for Jesus and you are part of this Triumph, with all of my children around the world, and yes, particularly those who have come to you in friendship!
Thank you, my children.
Thank you, nations of the world, every one, for you have harboured my gracious children of The Rosary and

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