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shaped them for the special needs I have of them, in my Triumph for The Spirit of Love.
Thank You, my adored Son, Jesus, Who Infinite Merits made me what I am and what my glorious Army is, and which enabled my Triumph in them and with them.
Thank you, Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, Warriors of The Lord.
Thank you my beloved Spouse and great Patriarch, Joseph, true son of The Eternal-spirit.
Thank you, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, leader of all God's Army, reflecting gloriously The Eternal-trinity.
I thank you through this little son of mine, before the eyes of the world - for the sake of the world.'
13-Oct-06   At Bethlehem I brought the world - the universe - The Prince of Peace, Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
'Little son. I bring you Peace and perseverance.
At Bethlehem I brought the world - the universe - The Prince of Peace, Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
From that moment, indeed from the moment of His miraculous conception in my virginal womb, I have continued to bring Peace to creation.
And now, 2,000 years later, I bring the fullness of Peace. Through The Universal Church, I bring Peace and thereby, The Holy Spirit enters fully into The Church and thence, to all creation ...
... bringing about The Spirit's Era.
Jesus came to earth through me and He comes to earth through His Church ...
... and so He has been with my children everywhere, in all ages.
When The Spirit's Era has been fulfilled, Jesus will come again in His Glory - The very Glory of God.
Be patient a little longer for The Eternal-father works to save every soul. No stone will be left unturned until every soul of His children is saved.
And so He asks, He requires, that my children - the children of The Immaculate Conception - remain patient and full of hope and trust as these very virtues draw closer the Era of Peace ...
... The Era of The Eucharist
... The Era of The Light of Truth.
The Spirit will bring to fruition the fullness of The Goodness of The Father, The Truth of The Son and thereby His Infinite Love.
You live in a marvellous period for man.
What glory will come upon the earth when it recognises, acknowledges and appreciates the fullness of Goodness, Truth and Love ...
... what harmony will reign
... what perfect communion between God and man
... what wonder as Emmanuel is found in The Catholic Eucharist
... what delight will enter the hearts of mankind.'
26-Oct-06.    How stupendous is our God Who gave us freewill
'Son of The Immaculate Conception ...
... my tiny warrior.
May The Peace be upon you.
Son of God.
How fabulous is our God Who gave us being ...
... Who gave us existence!
How stupendous is our God Who gave us freewill ...
... and made us God-like.
How marvellous is our God Who gave us the earth upon which we are able to gain the eternal-Gift of sharing His Divinity!
We are totally unable to thank Him enough.
We may recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him, but our most perfect efforts are not enough, for we would thank Him as He deserves.
Do we not desire this?
And what do we do?
Instead of making an effort, we offend His Majesty and refuse His Recognition of us!!
So we must pray for mankind, every many, woman and child, especially those who most need God's help the most ...
... but also those who do appreciate God and His universe, for we must help one another.
We must help our friends and family, as well as our enemies.
As you look upon the world and its chaos and its evil deceptions, look not at the surface but look at The Work of God ...
... in His Universal Church
... in His great living Saints in every nation.
Look instead at The Cross of Golgotha ...
... at The Man crucified there
... at His Mother beneath Him, crushed
... at the beloved Apostle and the Holy Women.
There at Golgotha, is the centre of all time and all space.
It is the time and space upon which The Eternal-father gives His perfect Blessing.
It is there that the Saints and Angels, all of them, from all time, attend with astonishing wonder and delight.
Join them, my son. Join me, my son. I need you.'
1-Nov-06   I accepted the agony and the glory on behalf of creation.
'Little son of mine.
Son of The Immaculate Conception - I am she.
It is my privilege to be ...
... Mother.
Mother of Jesus, The Christ, and by His Gift from The Cross ...
... Mother of all of God's children.
Truly, this is a momentous privilege for me but also for all creation, for I am a creature ...

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