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... therefore before The Lord, as His Mother
... I represent creation.
Yes, when the Archangel sought my co-operation to be Mother, he sought it from me as representative of creation ...
... representative of humanity
... but also on my own behalf.
... for I knew the agony of The Mother as well as the glory.
I accepted the agony and the glory on behalf of creation.
By this freewill of mine, given to all humanity, I choose The Will of God.
This choosing of God's Will was and is, a constant part of my character, a virtue of obedience that was destined to be a remedy for the disobedience of Eve, the mother of mankind.
Exe is indeed the beautiful mother of mankind and so well beloved by The Holy Trinity. However, I was to become the heavenly Mother of mankind, in obedience; ...
... in maintaining obedience to God's Commandments
... by His Grace, from the moment of my Immaculate Conception, forever.
And so I thank you, little son of mine, for your allegiance to me and my honour ...
... for being my tiny warrior.
I bless you in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Trinity.'
9-Nov-06    He is Peace and He is in the world, awaiting to blossom in every heart
'My son. Son of God ...
... in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
It is Peace that we search for - Peace for the world.
It is Peace that has come to the world ...
... Jesus The Christ.
He is Peace and He is in the world, awaiting to blossom in every heart.
It is The Eternal-spirit that has come upon the world, following my Triumph for Jesus ...
... The Triumph of The Immaculate Conception.
The Spirit will make The Peace that is Christ, explode around the world in His Era of Love ...
... His Era of Harmony
... His Era of The Eucharist
... when The Church of Christ led by Peter, will become the Light for the world
... as witnessed by the miraculous surge around the world of devotion to The Immaculate, to the Patriarch Joseph, my spouse, and to the glorious Archangel
... by the total obedience to Peter.
Glory and Grace will light the entire world for a long time.
Great will be those days for the Kingdom of God and God will be pleased that this second Garden of Eden will be unlike the first - for the second Adam and Eve, The Universal Church, will not fail The Almighty.
In the persons of Jesus and Mary the second trial for mankind has already been acclaimed in triumph and this will be fulfilled in the Bride of Christ ...
.... His Universal Church.
Yes, you may look forward to these times - they have already begun.
Only`  The Eternal-father's Word remains to be given, when The Era of Love will flourish, promptly, everywhere.
Praise be to God and to His Christ.'
23-Nov-06.   Jesus so delights in my perfect reflection of The Eternal-father
'Little son. We in Heaven, love you.
We share with you, The very Love of God ...
... The Spirit
... for it is His interaction between Creator and creature that can be termed
true love.
It is this Era of Love of The Spirit which will see the fulfilment of God's Love amongst man.
This fulfilment comes out of the perfection of Goodness ...
... The Goodness of The Eternal-father
... viewed in The Immaculate Conception
... and The Truth of The Eternal-son
... viewed in The Universal Church.
It is a privilege given to me - this Immaculate Conception - given on behalf of all creation ...
... and accepted on behalf of all creation.
I share with you little son, this Gift.
I share with all of my children everywhere, in every age ...
... which I delight in doing
... and which my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, would have me do.
For the Gift was given to me through Jesus and for Him, for His true delight ...
... and as you can perceive, for my greatest delight.
Jesus so delights in my perfect reflection of The Eternal-father that you might say, in casual terms
it blows Him away.
Or even, it might be said that to Jesus
I am a knockout.
Thank you little son and little son.
27-Nov-06   This is my role as a Mother - a role I dearly love and cherish and into which I put my entire effort
'Son. Little son of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, it is true - I do repeat myself.
Little children need to learn by repetition quite often, and like a Mother, I repeat things to my own children ...
... and so to you, little child.
It is the nature of the human being when this nature is so tarnished and undermined by sin ...
... by every offence against our Creator

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