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... Who made us perfect from the beginning.
Of course, He will make us perfect when we reach our thrones in Heaven.
In the meantime, my little children on earth must live out each day, each hour, each second, under the many dark clouds and hindrances that man has brought upon himself.
So, I am obliged to treat you - all of my children - like babes who are beginning to use their intellects.
This is my role as a Mother - a role I dearly love and cherish and into which I put my entire effort.
Nothing is left undone, for my Creator has bestowed great power upon me, as Queen of Heaven.
He has put into my hands The Infinite Merits of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ Who Himself, bids me conquer the red dragon.
He bids me to do this, knowing that I can only do this with the help of my children around the world ...
... and my children and I have accomplished this Triumph
... which we did for Jesus; for souls for our Lord and Saviour.
I look upon the world and the souls of my children and I am delighted as they proceed through life not yet aware that we have succeeded.
How wonderful and beautiful are these children who proceed to fulfil and complete our Triumph for Jesus.
I am eager to reward them with The Eternal-father's Proclamation of Victory.
I am more eager however, to ensure that the Triumph achieves absolute results - that is, that every soul is saved ...
... every one that looks for salvation
... and even great numbers who do not
... and who are moved by the Work of the Army of The Immaculate Conception.
4-Dec-06    Indeed, time in Heaven is measured by the unending movement of the soul's delight
'Son. Beloved of Heaven.
Heaven - a place of Love, of Truth, of Goodness ...
... a place of God
... of God-sharing.
The beauty, the wonder of Heaven is a delight beyond all comprehension of the human on earth.
The most fabulous joy on earth is not even a mere shadow of the fullness of happiness of Heaven.
To know God and His Christ, my adored Son, Jesus, is an astonishing Reality that consumes the soul and then, again. This Reality knows no bounds and is anew from one heavenly moment to the next.
Indeed, time in Heaven is measured by the unending movement of the soul's delight.
It is Truth and Love and Goodness that Jesus brings to the world, a foretaste of seeing Him in Heaven.
I bring you to this Truth, Love and Goodness ...
... to The Son, The Spirit, The Father
... for we have entered The Era of Love
... which proceeds from The Eras of Goodness and of Love.
We are in the final Era which will see Peace throughout the world ...
... Peace in the hearts of man, everywhere
... Peace in The Universal Church
... The Light for the world.
The world will be at peace with The Truth of my Immaculate Conception which reflects The Goodness of The Eternal-father ...
... and is a joy for the world
... just as The Church is a joy for the world.
What an Era for Mankind, have we entered, you and I, and all of my children!
Continue to raise your eyes to God's Proclamation in declaring The Triumph for Jesus ...
... of The Woman of Scripture
... over the red dragon and his evil horde.'
8-Dec-06   This is the banner - The Immaculate Conception - by which the victory over the red dragon has been accomplished
'Son of The Immaculate Conception.
This great Gift to me and to all creation - this great Gift to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son - is the gateway to world peace.
Yes. I quote you. Indeed.
It is also The Universal Church of Benedict XVI which is the gateway to world peace ...
... to Peace throughout the world
... to The Era of Love and Harmony.
This gateway is brought forth also through the merits of Joseph, The Patriarch of The Spirit, and the glorious Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael ...
... and in the prayers of all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.
Today then, is an important day in the history of the world - this date in the year - for it honours The Goodness of The Eternal-father in my immaculateness.
This day honours God, The Almighty, Father, Son and Spirit, for I am His little handmaid to whom great things were done so that I might magnify The Lord.
This day too, is a perfect day to thank you, little warrior of The Immaculate Conception, and to thank all of my wonderful children around the world, especially those who delight in this Gift to me, for Jesus.
This is the banner - The Immaculate Conception - by which the victory over the red dragon has been accomplished and is a banner that will be printed on every heart around the world - virtually every heart, for some will survive who do not honour God in His Immaculate Conception.
This banner in the heart of each child of mine will delight Jesus in The Sacrament of Love, particularly when He comes to the Faithful in Communion.
This banner in the hearts of my children will render them the ability to approach The Sacrament of Love when the Reality of His Presence will be perceived most clearly.
Otherwise, who can approach Jesus in His Glory?
For we are in the Era of The Eucharist.

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