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Glory to Jesus, The Christ, in The Eucharist.
8-Jan-07   Your rewards will be a multiplication of your perseverance and patience and docility.
'Little son of mine.
Thank-you for being my little supporter in the world and for championing the hope of world-wide recognition of my Immaculate Conception.
You feel that this is a privilege for you but I must admit that it is a privilege also, for me.
Although you may be surprised at this, you already know that I share with you all that I am and have and do ...
... just as you do with me.
I have mentioned this to you before and you are now conscious of the truth of this and that I merely follow the glorious example of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ ...
... Who shares all that He is and has and does, with all of His brothers and sisters
... my children.
In thanking you I again seek your perseverance in your present situation ...
... being aware that The Era of Love is upon the world
... and that its fullness is before us.
Yes, continue a little longer and your perseverance will be rewarded beyond your comprehension ...
... for great and wonderful events come upon the world.
Your rewards will be a multiplication of your perseverance and patience and docility.
Remember, the chaos around the world is a further deception of the camel when in fact, my Triumph for Jesus is already present ...
... and my children increase everywhere, by the hour.
We await the Eternal-father's proclamation of this Triumph, when our Triumph will be total ...
... and The Peace of Christ will pervade the world
... and His Church will open to the world, The Truth.
Come Holy Spirit - come by the intervention of the Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael and by the great Patriarch St. Joseph - by my own Immaculate Conception.'
18-Jan-07  Do I not need comfort beneath The Cross at Golgotha?
'My son and my companion in the conflict ...
... my little comforter!
Truly - this you are.
Do I not need comfort beneath The Cross at Golgotha?
Did I not realise what was transpiring before my eyes?
The Redemption of all creation - of mankind - then and thereafter and from the beginning.
Did I not share in this Redemption as Woman and as Mother ...
... as disciple and servant
... being as I am, Co-redemptrix.
And if I shared intimately in the awful sufferings of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, did I not also share in His Triumph?
I too viewed humanity from the beginning to the end and realised the Graces that came from The Cross of Christ ...
... Graces that transcended time and space
... Graces that came upon the prophets and patriarchs of old as well as the great Saints of the future.
And in this was Jesus somewhat comforted and therefore so was His Mother.
Yes, I was comforted by my children of all ages and generations.
You are a dearly loved child of mine and certainly, I was comforted by you.
That comfort, from all of my children, was available to me at Golgotha, but also remains with me in Paradise.
It will always remain in my Heart.
This glorious comfort - this transcendent comfort - is a Grace beyond comprehension to me, The Immaculate Conception, for without this Grace ...
... I would not have been able to fulfil my role as Mother
... and attain my stature as Queen of Heaven.
Yes little son of mine, this is so for God looks for unity in His Children and for combined effort for His Glory and our salvation.'
1-Feb-07  Thus the greater the Gift one has, the greater is his humility
'Little son of Heaven.
Little son of Purgatory and Limbo.
Of course, all my children are children of The Church Triumphant and The Church Suffering.
Yet you are a special little son of mine and therefore of these, also.
It is The Eternal-Father who has made you so special to us ...
... to the quickening of The Era of Love.
Be at Peace with this, for you observe that it is The Father's Work in you that greatly assists in the fulfilment of The Era of The Spirit ...
... not your work!
Yet, like me at the Incarnation, you have co-operated in The Father's Work.
This is how The Trinity works - in co-operation, and with the co-operation of, my Children, everywhere.
Such is the greatness and the dignity of your freewill ...
... of my freewill.
It was The Father's Work in me also, wherebye I was conceived immaculate, becoming before all creation ...
... The Immaculate Conception.
As you are now able to perceive, the greater The Work of The Father in one of His children, the greater the humility of those children ...
... for His Children realise that they have been formed out of nothing and that all they have of value, has come from God.
Thus the greater the Gift one has, the greater is his humility ...
... before God

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