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... before creation.
We are forcefully reminded of that in the total humility of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, in that He abandoned His Divinity to become a creature ...
... taking on the limitations of the creature
... embracing the sufferings of the creature
... and in so doing, raising the virtues of the creature to a divine status, making of them His Infinite Merits.'
16-Feb-07   It is The Cross that saves all souls
'Little one. Tiny one before God and before man!
You are finally at Peace with your littleness even if you seek to save so many souls for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ!
Yet of course, it is not that you actually save them of yourself, but that your contribution is the final impetus before God by which they are saved.
It is The Cross that saves all souls.
It is The Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, in their sanctity, that is added to The Cross, for the redemption of souls.
I too, in my Immaculate Conception and Motherhood of The Saviour, am Co-redemptrix.
The Patriarch Joseph, my husband, and the glorious Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, are particularly prominent in saving souls for The Kingdom.
And so you, as the little straw, in this tiny weight placed on the camel's back, are recognised as that final impetus wherebye my Triumph for Jesus is accomplished.
Thank-you, son.
Thank you for our devotion to The Immaculate Conception for it is true that the recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of this great Gift to creation, is the proof that The Eternal-father has pronounced my victory - the victory of The Woman - over the red dragon.
Even now, this occurs, as The Spirit of Love and Truth takes to Himself this Era of His.
Even now He comes into creation in a new fullness wherebye it will be totally renewed into the new heavens and the new earth ...
... giving man a second Eden
... giving The Mystical Body of Christ, the new Adam, the honour and dignity of displaying absolute loyalty and obedience to The Creator.
The glory of this new era for creation can not be comprehended by man and he will be astounded by the magnificence and perfection of The Mystical Body of Christ and The Eucharist therein.'
22-Feb-2007   This greatest Commandment is clearly observed in the Ten Commandments which are the sure guidelines to Eternal-life
'Little son. My dear warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
Thank you for being this warrior of mine.
I am grateful. Yes, you are surprised that I should be grateful - at first.
Of course on reflection, you realise I am truly grateful to all of my children, everywhere ...
... simply because they have helped me to achieve my Triumph for Jesus.
It would be remiss of me not to be grateful, for this sentiment is the acknowledgment of assistance given to me ...
... without which I would not have succeeded!
God looks for co-operation amongst His Children and this is the essence of loving one's neighbour - the gift of sharing The Love and The Truth of God and of sharing one's time and possessions.
Even my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, required co-operation from His brothers and sisters to achieve universal Salvation and not just my own co-operation as Co-redemptrix but of each and every child of God - without exception.
It is not only through the basic co-operation of accepting Christ's Gift of Salvation but of actually co-operating in sharing this Salvation ...
... again seen in the Commandment to love one another.
That is to say, to gain Eternal-life in Christ, one must love God with his whole being and his neighbour as himself.
This greatest Commandment is clearly observed in the Ten Commandments which are the sure guidelines to Eternal-life ...
... as well as the Beatitudes.
What treasure then, are these guidelines which lead to a sharing of Divinity!'
14-Mar-07   This period of time is given over to raising my Triumph to its greatest heights
'Son of mine - son of The Immaculate Conception.
Indeed, you are a most special issues of The Immaculate Conception - I hold you lovingly in my heart.
I share your grief's, your concerns, your sorrows - all of your little crosses.
Although you have these crosses, please bear them bravely and with great peace in your heart and soul ...
... with Peace in your being
... The Peace that is Christ Himself, my adored Son.
Bear this Peace in you, always - reflect this Peace, everywhere.
And so you need to control your anger and agitation and lack of patience, and walk the world with calmness and tranquillity.
I share calmness and tranquillity with you, little son.
Open your soul to these graces - these gifts from me.
Recall from moment to moment, that your Friends in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo, are always with you and they have their eyes upon you at every moment of the day, praying for your perseverance ...
... for your calm spirit in bearing your cross
... for your little cross, that it join with The Cross of Salvation.
Indeed, Jesus Himself is aware of your life and your hopes for Him and as He has already spoken to you - He has
all things under control.

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