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Do not be concerned as to become depressed, little son, for The Triumph is already mine ...
... it is yours
... it is given to all of my children.
This period of time is given over to raising my Triumph to its greatest heights ...
... around the world
... in souls everywhere.
Yes, Peace comes. The Truth of The Eucharist is being given to all.'
22-May-07   Let Peace consume your soul and radiate from you at all moments
'Little son of mine.
I have looked to you - to
speak to you - and now you have taken up your pen.
Thank you.
Yet, I am there to
speak to you at all times - you only have to turn your heart towards me.
For this also I thank you - that you do turn your heart towards me ...
... with love and devotion.
But my heart of a Mother exults when you raise your very person to my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, for Whom only were we created.
He it is Who has opened the Way to Heaven ...
... opened the Way for The Spirit of Love to flow upon the earth
... opened the Way for the Holy Souls to gain Eternal-life.
Jesus perceives all things and truly exults, as I do, when my little children around the world recognise Him, acknowledge and appreciate Him.
Only my children do this ... only!
Only the brothers and sisters of Jesus, do this.
The other children of the world are children of darkness who harbour hatred and deception and death in their bowels.
Yet my children, the children of The Immaculate Conception, are many and their number multiplies as The Eternal-father comes to the point of declaring my Victory over the red-dragon.
Remain on the path I have set for you. be not agitated to think that you should be doing other things ...
... that you waste your time in work or leisure.
No, I would have you do what you do.
Be at peace with this.
Let Peace consume your soul and radiate from you at all moments, especially when clouds seem to cover your very person.
Jesus gives His Peace to you - to all of my children.'

13-Jun-07  The meek will inherit the earth and prosperity will be shared by all
'Little son of mine.
Tiny, tiny straw that has broken the camel's back.
Yes - I have already stated this and the truth of it is forthcoming.
We proceed, my children and I, to lead the world into the new Era of Peace ...
... through our Triumph for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation
... created through Him and for Him, only.
We share His creation only in Him ...
... only as part of Him
... only as a member of His Mystical Body, The Church
... only partaking of His Infinite Merits.
And His Infinite Merits are now being strewn around the world by The Spirit of Love ...
... Whose Era we have entered.
Move ahead in life, in time and space, with every confidence and in Peace.
Patience and perseverance are about to be rewarded in a way so astonishing that the nations will never really recover from the gloriousness of it all.
The meek will inherit the earth and prosperity will be shared by all ...
... and the Light of The Eucharist will be a world-wide magnificence
... and the Truth of Christ's Presence will be a marvel for all inhabitants of the planet.
Glory to God in the highest.
Glory to His Christ.
Glory to The Passion and Cross.
Glory to The Spirit of God.
29-Jun-07.   This Man is Jesus Christ, my adored Son and it was for Him - alone - that I was given my Immaculate Conception
'Little son of The Eternal-father - child of God.
Children of God were we meant to be from the day of Adam and Eve, issuing directly from The Eternal-father, through The Son, by The Spirit.
Man lost his sonship through sin, creating a break with The Creator, impossible to repair.
The camel had won, closing Heaven to all humanity!
But the impossible was not the case with God Who must become Man in order to reclaim His children.
This Man is Jesus Christ, my adored Son and it was for Him - alone - that I was given my Immaculate Conception.
While the honour of this incomparable Gift reflected upon all humanity, the Gift was for Jesus.
Yet, in giving me to all God's children as their Mother, from The Cross, Jesus gave also my Immaculate Conception to be shared in my Motherhood.
So the splendour of this Gift from The Eternal-father shines upon everyone - every man and woman of all ages.
All who rejoice in this shared splendour realise their childhood of God ...
... and of The Mother

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