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... and become familiar with Truth
... Who is my Son
... and intimate with Love
... Who is my Spouse, The very Spirit of God.
I remind you of these truths as we close in on the Era of Peace, for I want you solid in The Faith - that sets you free.
I want you free, in Peace.
I want you confident, in Peace.
Be trusting and hopeful and strong, walking the path I lead you along.
Be, in Peace.'
18-Jul-07.   You do not realise the importance of this action of yours
'Tiny son of mine. Little warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
Thank-you my son.
Yes, I have thanked you before and you know that I am always thanking you for your devotion to my Immaculate Conception.
Yet I feel I should especially thank you for your prayer of the first of this month when you and your friends sought the fullness of my Triumph for Jesus.
You do not realise the importance of this action of yours but you are glimpsing its reality, for you truly know that your prayer is answered.
While you can not perceive this by the ordinary senses, you may feel confident of this ...
... The Eternal-father is answering your every plea.
I am thanking you for this prayer and for its effects and for your intentions on my behalf and on behalf of the world which so sorely needs Peace ...
... The Peace that is Christ-among-you.
Proceed with this Peace in your soul and heart for my adored Son abundantly places His Gift upon you, to be shared everywhere by everyone.
Be conscious of this Peace in your heart and be conscious of your sharing this with those you meet or see or think of.
Continue to say this prayer -
Deliver us from evil - for it has miraculous qualities as you will come to discover hereon in.
I bless you son, and I most particularly bless all those who joined you in saying it, pleading with The Eternal-father Who loves my children so perfectly ...
... particularly those who recognise, acknowledge and appreciate my Immaculate Conception
... which is a reflection of Him in His Pure-existence.
Be blest.'
16-Aug-07   As you have perceived The Eucharist will become apparent to everyone
'Son of Heaven - my little, little son ...
... still insecure, still wanting in trust; still wanting in patience.
Yet again, I say
Be, in Peace.
I give you the three p's - Peace, patience and perseverance, for I want you by my side in my great Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Yes, the Triumph is already mine and we quickly approach its fullness which is associated with ...
... The Era of The Spirit of Love and Harmony
... The Era of The Eucharist.
As you have perceived The Eucharist will become apparent to everyone as the Reality of Jesus The Christ.
This Reality will be by way of the Glory of the Son of God which will be perceived in the most Holy Eucharist ...
... The Divinity of Christ.
The Reality of The Man, Christ, will be known at His Second Coming.
But in the Eucharistic Reality His Presence will be one of glory through the priestly hands and all will understand that this Glory is that which pours forth from The Cross of Golgotha.
My children will come to me, to be beside me in my act of co-redemption at the foot of The Cross, joining me in this act, comforting me in my perseverance and patience, sharing - even then - The Peace of The Lord.
My children will join me and the heavenly Host, led by Joseph and The Archangel, in our universal declaration ...
... we recognise You
... we acknowledge You
... we appreciate You
... Son of God
... Son of Man
... You for Whom only were we created.
31-Aug-07.   We are able to celebrate this Triumph for Jesus already
'Little, little son.
Even with your Mother at your side with the heavenly Host, you become despondent - you lose patience and perseverance - you challenge The Peace that abides within you.
Yes, even though I be The Immaculate Conception who shares herself - entirely - with you, you return so easily to the weaknesses of man!
Nevertheless, do not throw in the towel - I know you wont. Remain constant and seek perfection in patience and perseverance.
Allow Jesus' Peace to flourish in you.
Your reward will be great - even now, your reward is something special.
Raise your eyes to The Eternal-father ...
... in The Infinite Merits of my adored Son
... with your Mother holding your hand
... and proceed along the pathway prepared for you only, with such love.

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