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... of Love.
Continue also then, to seek The Spirit; to grow in His Presence for He is the Impulse that moves all creation.
It is The Spirit Who will point out to the world the reality of my Immaculate Conception and the Reality of Christ's Church ...
... The Church of the Bishop of Rome.
So we pray together, my children and I 'Come Holy Spirit' and we pray with the Patriarch Joseph, Father of Jesus, my beloved Husband, for Joseph will be the impulse upon The Spirit of Peace, bringing to fullness His Era.
In doing so, we acknowledge the great glory that is Joseph's, given to him by The Spirit and this glory has no equal before God, so unique it is!
To praise Joseph is to praise The Spirit but also we must thank Joseph as he perfectly fulfils the Work given him by God ...
... for souls fort Jesus, The Christ."
24-Jan-08  The soul that embraces Goodness is the first to recognise Truth
'Son of The Immaculate Conception - my son.
The Love we have, you and I, is The very Love of God in us - The Holy Spirit.
So is The Love we have, my children and I.
It is The Love my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, made available to all creation ...
... by His Passion
... through Golgotha.
It is The Love of God Who comes upon the world and transforms it into the new heaven and the new earth and this is in progress, even now.
It is Truth I give you my son, The Truth that is The Son of God.
Glorious is The Truth Whose name is Jesus, for from Truth and Goodness comes Love.
That is, Love proceeds out of Truth and Goodness.
As Good is embraced by souls everywhere, Truth takes hold. The soul that embraces Goodness is the first to recognise Truth.
And so, I thank you my son so special, for promoting my Immaculate Conception which reflects The very Goodness of God.
As I have already affirmed, from my Immaculate Conception issues Jesus The Christ, Truth-personified and this Truth is reflected in The Universal Church of the Bishop of Rome.
Thus The Holy Trinity reflects Itself in creation not only in the marvels of the universe, the immensity of matter and beauty, the wonder of the endless energy and impulse, the perfection of design and purpose, but also in the spiritual creation.
Yet we perceive that The Good God connects the physical and the spirit, so that man may comprehend one from the other.
This comprehension will come to a new perfection when we are delivered from evil - soon.'
31-Jan-08   ... the Good God gives me The Triumph for Jesus but only with the help of my children.
'Little son, son of Heaven.
Thank you for your perseverance in spite of your wariness and even, fear.
It is a good thing to stand in awe of God and of His creation, especially His Saints and Angels ...
... especially my beloved Spouse, St. Joseph
... and the great and loyal Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.
Fear or terror of God in the sense of human weakness which has no knowledge of God's Mercy and Love, is a different matter.
To adore God is a form of showing awe at His Majesty and Perfection but to be in fear of Him shows a lack of knowledge of His Purpose.
Nevertheless, terror of The Lord and be useful to bring the soul into Truth. Just as fear of hell can save a lagging soul, so can this form of fear.
Love of God and His creation, particularly our neighbours is the true road to Eternal-salvation.
To walk in The Truth of God and in His Goodness is the aim of all of my children ...
... and some are yet to know my adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... and certainly do not yet recognise my Immaculate Conception
... nor The Universal Church, the Light for the world.
Be then, in Peace. Continue to seek Peace without ceasing. Reach out for Peace of mind and soul; Peace of person, for this Peace is Christ-with-you.
It is Emmanuel.
It is the Peace that comes upon the world but first in my children.
Thank you again for your assistance and support for be aware that the Good God gives me The Triumph for Jesus but only with the help of my children.
Without them, I would achieve far, far less.'
4-Feb-08.   Nothing can disturb this Peace - not even death.
'Little son of mine.
I bring you Peace.
This Peace is strength and Grace and fortitude. It is perseverance. It is Reality in God.
Yes. Peace - the Peace of Christ - is the Reality in God, for it is God-in-us; it is Christ The Redeemer, Who comes to humanity.
Nothing can disturb this Peace - not even death.
This Peace is given to all humanity, every man, woman and child in the world, but as with God Himself, it can be rejected.
Nevertheless, this Peace is blossoming in my children everywhere and overflows upon the world.
It seems otherwise to the human senses but most certainly Peace comes.
And it comes out of The Universal Church for the light of the world.
Do not be afraid to fully embrace this Peace, my son so tiny, but open your very person to its fullness.
Walk in this Peace wherever you go.

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