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Speak in this Peace - let this Peace underline every word you speak ...
... every thought you have
... every action you take
... so that this overflowing will enter other hearts.
As you live in my Immaculate Conception which colours everything you do, claim Christ in His Peace to your whole being for I lead you to Him - my adored Son.
Be sure that I am always The Mother - The Mother who never fails her children.
As such a Mother I have brought you to Jesus' Peace and as a Mother, His Mother, I have you beside me, in this Peace ...
... this Peace which I have  always had."
8-Feb-08   This is because creation is interwoven, for it reflects the Immensity, Glory and Perfection of The Creator
'Son so little before the universe - before man - I am always there for you ...
... as a Mother should be
... as a friend should be.
And I am your Mother and friend plus much, much more.
Because of my Immaculate Conception and my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, The Trinity has made me Queen of Heaven and of all creation ...
... The Woman clothed with the sun.
The moon in its brilliance, is clothed with the sun and the sun itself is the first requisite to life on earth.
So it may be thought that the moon represents the Mother and the sun, The Son.
Indeed, the light given to me does reflect The Son of God, just as The Son is vital to life on earth.
The sun and the moon are totally essential to life on earth - without either one, life would cease.
So life on earth requires, not only the earth itself, but the sun and the moon and this is no coincidence ...
... it is by design of The Creator.
The whole planetary system that swings around the sun reflects The Creator and His design upon life on earth.
You may see the great Angels and Saints reflected in the planets and moons of the system and indeed, in all the stars of the universe.
This is because creation is interwoven, for it reflects the Immensity, Glory and Perfection of The Creator.
It is no coincidence that there are parallels between the material creation and the spiritual, both reflecting The Creator.
It is in the human being however, that The Creator is most purely reflected, not only in body but in soul, as are the Angels (in spirit).
In this you may glimpse then, the glory God has given to your Mother and friend, in her Immaculate Conception and, dear son, I share this glory with you and with all of my children.'
12-Feb-08   Jesus looks at the perseverance of my children not the results of their work
'Little son - how I love you!
Yes, a sinner you may be, but you persevere along the path I lead you. As many times as you stumble along this Way of The Immaculate Conception - my Way - you rise up and proceed.
As many times as the camel trips you or pushes you aside, you take my hand again and proceed.
As often as you feel the Way is too difficult or the pain is too great, you raise you head in hope, looking forward to the Light of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
No, you do not perceive any good that comes from your companionship with me, nor the souls that are helped by our combined prayer, but you proceed beside me.
Even though you perceive the many people who you have failed over your life, still you trust in me, your Mother.
For you know that The Mother's children are the greatest delight for Jesus and for the heavenly Father, Who send The Spirit of Love upon them in great abundance ...
... Who place in their hearts and souls The Peace of Christ.
Particularly so, does this apply to my children of The Rosary who recognise Jesus in The most holy Eucharist and support His Vicar on earth, Benedict XVI.
Jesus looks at the perseverance of my children not the results of their work.
Results of prayer are always forthcoming for God always hears and responds to prayer.
Unfortunately prayer is not always forthcoming and prayer is what Jesus looks for ...
... prayer of each second of your life
... everything you do, say and think.
That is why you consecrate these to me so that I may gather them up and personally present them to Jesus Who recognises not only your prayer, but the hand of His Mother who presents them to Him.'
18-Feb-08    But until then, Peace will blossom everywhere in individuals, peoples and nations
'Little son of Heaven.
My son, so favoured in my Heart.
Yes, it is Peace I mention again, for Peace is so very important for you and for the world.
Because Peace comes upon the world - it is coming now.
The world is to know The Peace of Christ for a long period and experience the joy of The Kingdom of God, delighting in the Law of God and of His Church.
Yes, The Goodness of God will be truly appreciated by every nation which will fashion itself thereupon.
All peoples will seek and find Truth - The Truth of The Creator and His creation. The truth of Christ.
And so, every man, woman and child will realise The Love of God and in this Love, love neighbour as self - although there will be a band who refuse to acknowledge The most Holy Trinity thus.
These will be the band of hate which will secretly oppose The Era of Love until its time comes and its time will be the impulse which draws The Second Coming of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
He will personally defeat this band which will have, in that time, become numerous and powerful.
But until then, Peace will blossom everywhere in individuals, peoples and nations.
The Church will be universally loved and respected and observed as a Mother.
God's Work in me, for the sake of Jesus and through Him for the sake of all creation - The Immaculate Conception - will become a wonder in the hearts of all ..
... for the Glory of God.'

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