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22-Feb-08    My children, I ask you to consciously seek to delight The Lord, The King, The Saviour
'Come little son and let us delight my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
How can we do this?
By responding to His Love with love ...
... His Truth with acceptance
... His Goodness with your own sharing with your neighbour.
And we, my children and I, having done our utmost in these things, set out to delight Him even more.
We go further in our prayers and in our discipleship so that we may contribute to His Cross, looking, by this contribution, to help save souls.
Souls on earth.
Souls in Purgatory.
Souls in Limbo.
And in doing this, we truly intend to thank Jesus that He took up The Cross that no other could carry.
We thank Him not only in prayer but in our thoughts and actions which my children have consecrated to me.
And, as The Mother, as The Immaculate Conception, as The Woman of Scripture, as Queen of Heaven, I offer to Jesus all these prayers, thoughts, actions ...
... and I also offer them to Him for each of my children individually
... as well as placing myself in these prayers so that He accepts these prayers one with His Mother.
My children, I ask you to consciously seek to delight The Lord, The King, The Saviour.
Be assured that even your intention to delight Him will itself, delight Him.
Yes, my children might stray from Truth and Love, but always I will be there to guide them back to Goodness and to once again, delight The Lord of all creation."
31-Mar-08     God gives total freewill to all creatures and works through His Children
'Little son.
I greet you with open arms ...
... with open heart
... with every Gift I have at my disposal.
And I seek to expand the capacity of your being so that you will be all the more able to receive the fullness of my gifts to you.
Therefore do I bring you to my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Who made available every Good thing to all creation ...
... Whose Infinite Merits are available to my Children everywhere.
As His Mother - as The Immaculate Conception - as The Woman of Scripture - I am the avenue through which my Son makes His Gifts abound upon the earth and throughout creation.
This is how The Almighty works.
God gives total freewill to all creatures and works through His Children.
In this way the freewill of man is always available to him and his choices are always his own ...
... and so responsibility lies on his shoulders for his decisions
... and so the good he does is rewarded and
... the evil he does is unrewarded and creates a break between him and his Creator.
For this reason God puts the Ten Commandments into the soul of every person so that each knows his rights and duties, his potential and his rewards, even as God provides Mercy upon Mercy upon Mercy for all children of man.
In the end however, at Judgment, Mercy no longer applies and man's use of freewill causes him to become sanctified forever or joins him with the company of living-death.'
8-Apr-08     They are the very life-blood of The Mystical Body
'Little son of Heaven.
The promise of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, is Heaven for all of my children.
Heaven consists then, of my children.
Those who are not my children, that is to say, will never gain Heaven.
Jesus is The Son of God and He issues from me in creation ...
... but indeed, He still issues from me.
And in Heaven, which is in reality The Mystical Body of Christ which issues from The Eternal-father by the Power of The Spirit, this Mystical Body issues also from me - The Mother of Christ.
So also, on earth where The Universal Church is the light for the world ...
... being The Church Militant
... The Mystical Body in creation.
However, I have children in other religions also ...
... those who yearn for their spiritual Mother but have not had the opportunity to find her.
These children also are bound for the glory of Heaven.
Be at peace with this my little son, for you know well, that my most delightful children are those devoted to the Rosary.
These children of the Rosary are the true strength of creation ...
... of The Church.
They are the very life-blood of The Mystical Body for without them The Church on earth would cease to exist.
It is with heart-felt appreciation that I record my most deep thoughts of love and gratitude to these children of the Rosary ...
... these Faithful who follow the Pope
... these adorers of The Catholic Eucharist
... those who appreciate my Immaculate Conception.
22-Apr-2008   Truly I am a Gift of The Father to The Son
"My little son.
My love for you is great and I thank you for your love for me and for my person and stature ...
... given to me by The Eternal-father
... through and for The Son
... by The Love of The Spirit.
The stature given to me, Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, Woman of Scripture, Immaculate Conception, are a Gift to Jesus, my adored Son.

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