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Truly I am a Gift of The Father to The Son ...
... just as is all creation.
This Gift to The Son was shared to all of The Father's children throughout creation and this, from The Cross.
I of course, align myself with Jesus'
This is your Mother, and I give of myself to my best capacity, sharing also my privileges with my adored Son, with you ...
... so that He sees you bathed in my Immaculate Conception
... as well as those who accompany you through life, your family, friends and those you pray for.
The little crosses The Father allows upon your shoulders are therefore a source of Grace to you and yours.
Embrace your crosses as I embrace them with you ...
... as your Friends in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo do, in assisting you
... so that The Father's Eternal-will is fully achieved in you and yours.
Come little son, let us proceed together in The Father's Will and Delight and let us radiate Peace.
It is my children around the world who are given The Peace of Christ for sharing upon all humanity.
Peace. Peace. Peace.'
9-May-08   We give praise to our Creator for this privilege given to Joseph
'Little son of The Immaculate Conception.
Working towards unity in Christendom is a work of the highest spiritual order ...
... especially between Catholic and Orthodox.
The Faithful of the Orthodox love me greatly and honour my Gifts, given to me by The Eternal-father.
It is of the most importance that the Orthodox fully embrace my title The Immaculate Conception, for this gives honour to The Eternal-father Whom I so perfectly reflect.
Not only as Mother of His Son do I reflect Him but as The Immaculate Conception, also.
The Catholic Church truly follows my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, when She follows the Pope and She has been given this Truth of my Immaculate Conception ...
... thus honouring The Eternal-father
... and so pleasing Him in His Divine-will.
It honours also God the Son and God The Spirit for indeed I reflect the Virtues of Them also.
I would bring special honour to Joseph, my beloved husband; he who reflects perfectly The Eternal-spirit.
I would honour Joseph for it is he in particular who is instrumental in obtaining the fullness of the Era of The Spirit.
You might say that this Era is also the Era of Joseph for he and his great stature before God and before all creation is to be realised and I would contribute to this.
Continue then, my son, to honour the great Patriarch Joseph, for he is virtually unsurpassed in splendour in all Heaven.
Joseph is forever in the intimate relationship with his Son, Jesus and with his Spouse, myself.
We give praise to our Creator for this privilege given to Joseph.'
27-May-08  We, The Living-creation, are gathered at Golgotha, the scene of His Victory
'Little son, beloved of The Almighty.
Peace I bring you. Peace I bring to yours - family, friends and upon your possessions.
This is The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... Saviour of all creation
... given to Him from the beginning.
I who give you Peace, am The Immaculate Conception and Woman of Scripture.
I with all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, join you with us in prayer to and before, The Most-blessed Trinity ...
... in seeking The Divine-will
... on reaching out for Goodness, Truth and Love
... in the hope of saving great numbers of souls for The Lamb of God.
We, The Living-creation, are gathered at Golgotha, the scene of His Victory ...
... and of our Victory
... of The Triumph of The Woman and her children.
We, who are filled with every joy and delight and with every honour and glory, sharing in The Divine-life, reach out for souls around the world ...
... drawing them away from the evil-one and his awful horde.
We share our delight and glory with them; these souls saved by The Christ ...
... with out help.
Persevere little son and be conscious of The Peace we bring you ...
... that Jesus Himself brings you through us
... that The Spirit of Love brings to the world and to all creation.
This is the day The Lord has made and this is the day I announce the coming in full of His Peace to my children ...
... soon to overflow upon the whole planet.'
17-Jun-08  May Peace saturate The Church

'Little son of mine.
It is a pleasure to me that I can call you 'son'.
Yes, indeed. I may be Queen of Heaven and Mother of God - The Immaculate Conception - but God has endowed me with a perfect humility, imitating my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, and has given me a massive sharing of His Love and Goodness ...
... so that my heart reaches out for each one of my children, sinners and Saints.
My devotion to each of my children is great and enduring and my heart of a Mother is ever seeking the greatest good for each one.
I am the most constant Mother ready to heal and share and bring to my adored Son.
All that I am  and have, I share with my children, holding nothing back - again imitating Jesus, our Saviour and God.
Mostly I bring Peace.
I am the Ambassador of Peace; Christ's Peace.
I bring you Peace, little one, and this Peace is Infinite ...
... so that everyone may partake to the full and still it is Infinite
... just as Christ is Infinite.

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