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This Peace is given to the world through my children - mostly through my children of The Rosary.
I ask you then, my child, to be steadfast in your Faith and persevering in the devotion you return to me.
Open your whole being to Peace so that It may flow through you and radiate from you.
Peace to the world.
May Peace saturate The Church.

15-Aug-08   How wonderful is our Work, my little beloved
'Son. My son; my beloved.
Peace. Peace and Peace again.
The world is desperate for this Peace which comes from my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
It is desperate for this Peace which is Jesus in the world ...
... and this Peace becomes
... Harmony
... The Harmony of The Spirit of Love
... as His Era of Love enfolds the world.
How wonderful is our Work, my little beloved, which consists of assisting the world to open up to Christ's Peace and to the Spirit's Harmony.
How privileged we are, you and I, to be instrumental in achieving this wondrous goal of The Eternal-father.
Yes, we are blessed indeed, and with us, all of my children around the world ...
... those children of hope who have clung to The Gospel;
... who have clung to their Mother, The Church;
... who have clung to Jesus in The most-holy Eucharist.
These are the Children of Truth.
These are the children here on earth who are part and parcel of The Living Creation ...
... The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ
... The Kingdom of God.
Yes my son, we have achieved this goal, for The Era of The Spirit is upon creation; upon the world.
The Eternal-father intends to announce The Triumph of His little daughter - The Immaculate Conception, His Own Reflection - when He pleases ...
... a time when most souls will be saved
... a rime when evil may be most fully vanquished in the final skirmish
... a time when my children will know fully in advance and so, fully prepared.'
28-Aug-08   This is the strength of man - choosing my adored Son.
'Little one - confused little warrior of mine, of The Immaculate Conception ...
... who has begun to realise the limitations of his body and soul
... through the sin of Adam and the sins of man.
Strength is available to you my beloved son and this strength is my adored Son Jesus, The Christ ...
... only available through Him
` ... at my hands and at the hands of Joseph and the great Archangel
... and all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.
Your strength is your use of your perfect freewill which perfection is impossible to discolour.
The freewill of man will always be total and his choice for Christ is his strength ...
... and in choosing Christ, he chooses the Godhead
... and Christ's Mother
... and he chooses eternal-life in Christ.
This is the strength of man - choosing my adored Son.
Just as I adore Him perfectly, I teach all my children to also adore, and with me my children are able to reach the highest possible beauty, strength and capacity in this vital adoration of The Christ.
This adoration is the fullness of recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of Who and What He is ...
... Son of God
... Son of Man.
Remember your strength is your alignment of your will with Christ's Will - which is The Will of God.
Perfect use of your freewill is possible in this life in your total appreciation of Christ even should you fall prey to sin and deception. Your decision for Jesus remains regardless, so long as you so desire.
It is this decision for Jesus that makes you part of His Mystical Body, The Kingdom of God, The Church and this decision becomes eternal at death.'
5-Sep-08   We reach out to You, O Spirit of Peace
'Be at ease, little son - be, at Peace.
Peace - I say again - is what comes upon the whole earth. Peace comes upon my children and through them, to the world.
Yes, my children are most privileged; they who join with their Mother, The Woman of Scripture, in defeating evil around the world.
You do not see this defeat?
Perhaps not, but you perceive it in The Church where modernism has been defeated and is being removed surely and wholly. Even in the world outside The Church a new seed is sprouting in the industries, the art, the media and in sport - a new seed of morality, of goodness which is attracting to itself, bit by bit, Truth ...
... and The Truth will set the world free
... free of evil for a long time
... free to return to Eden and be wholly man and wholly woman.
And this Truth comes out of The Universal Church of the Bishop of Rome who enjoys the infallibility of my adored Son Jesus, The Christ.
As you already perceive the critical Truth that will ignite faith in souls everywhere, is my Immaculate Conception ...
... for this Gift to creation reflects The Goodness of The Eternal-father
... and also points to the Foundation of The Truth - The Catholic Church
... through Which comes the Light for the world

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