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... which Light brings Peace
... and the fullness of The Era of Love and Harmony.
Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the perfect intercession of the great Patriarch Joseph and the glorious Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.
We reach out to You, O Spirit of Peace.'
12-Sep-08.  Until this Peace fully envelopes the earth I ask my faithful children to persevere
'Son, so little upon the world - so very large in my eyes; the eyes of The Immaculate Conception ...
... for I bring you this Peace I 'speak' about
... for you to radiate upon all souls you have in your train.
This Peace is enveloping the earth - every nation - every state - every household - every person.
Yes, a strain of evil will survive which will develop into the antichrist, but this Peace will finally overcome the entire planet and last for a very long time.
Thank the Good Lord for this, for He gives this Peace even though the world wallows in corruption and offends The very Majesty of God ...
... The very Goodness of God
... The very Truth and Love of God.
It is for the sake of His divine Will that Peace is consuming the world, obtained through the Triumph of my children everywhere.
Thank-you my children.
The world is indebted to you and will recognise your part in the defeat of the red dragon.
The world will recognise The Woman of Scripture and her children ...
... The Woman clothed with the sun
... The Holy Church of Benedict.
and to open their hearts to The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
My Peace I give you, He says.
My adored Son gives every thing to the children of The Kingdom, The Living-creation ...
... Salvation and The Spirit of Love
... The Church and Her Sacraments and Her Priesthood
... Her Infallibility
... Her espousal to The Lamb.
Come my son, let us together bow our very persons in total gratitude to our Son of God; our Son of Man.'
9-Oct-08.  Thus God used His little hand-maid, seeking her co-operation for the Salvation of creation
'Little son of God - son of The Eternal-father - my son - son of The Immaculate Conception.
It is a good thing that I 'speak' to you and that you listen to me for this communication between us accords with God's most holy and adorable Will ...
... in that I lead you to Truth
... to Jesus The Christ, my adored Son
... to His Mystical Body, The Church of the Bishop of Rome.
I lead you along the way of The Immaculate Conception and this is the only way to Jesus.
Yes this is so, for my Immaculate Conception was the impulse by which The Almighty sent Gabriel to me for my co-operation towards becoming the Mother of God's Own Son.
The Immaculate Conception was the way God used to bring His Christ into creation.
It is the way to Christ for God and for man, for by God's Graciousness and by His Mercy He uses man to attain His wonderful intentions.
Thus does God give dignity to man, honouring him by working through him to attain Eternal-life for him.
Thus God used His little hand-maid, seeking her co-operation for the Salvation of creation, setting thereby the method to be used then and forever.
In honouring His hand-maid he honours man - every man, woman and child - for I represented man in my 'yes'.
And so creation was forever honoured in that The Son became a creature - God became Man ...
... a stupendous Wonder
... the pinnacle of creation's dignity and beauty
... the point in time and space to which all creation is drawn
... the event that draws gratitude from Angel, Saint and Holy Soul
... the confirmation of The Kingdom of God.'
23-Oct-2008    Persevere along the way I have set out for you which way leads to the fullest communion with Jesus

'Son of mine - dear little son of God.
Again, thank you for promoting my Immaculate Conception as the perfect reflection of The Goodness of The Eternal-father ...
... so that the world will return to recognition of our Father in Heaven, sought by my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation.
Thank-you also for your perseverance in your faith in my adored Son Who loves you so very much ...
... Who loves all of my children around the world as He loved them on The Cross of Salvation.
Persevere along the way I have set out for you which way leads to the fullest communion with Jesus.
I know the waiting for the fullness of the Era of The Spirit seems extended and you wonder if it is coming or not!
Even as you wonder you know that The Eternal-father has all things under His control so that His Christ and His Church will conquer all evil, becoming the Light for the world, revealing The Spirit of Love, and His Era of Delight and Peace.
Be sure, my son, that you will be absolutely pleased with this way I lead you along ...
... even though it seems in darkness at times
... even though no light appears further along it!
You trust me, your Mother, who takes you along my way to Jesus for I lead you, hand in hand, and so this trust will be rewarded all the more because of the obstacles and the pains you encounter in the darkness.

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